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Warrior Class Changes (Patch 9.1.5 Build 40696)

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    • By Starym
      More hotfixes, this time for both retail and SoM.
      December 6 (Source)
      Items and Rewards
      The Harsh Tutelage buff from Jaithys, the Prison Blade now extends its own duration if it triggers again at the same power level while it's already active, up to a maximum duration of 9 seconds. Player versus Player
      Paladin Protection [With realm restarts] Word of Glory's additional healing on friendly targets provided by Hand of the Protector (Talent) has been reduced by 80% when engaged in PvP combat. WoW Classic Era and Season of Mastery
      Fixed an issue where the Gnomish Death Ray trinket was not firing a giant death ray. Molten Core Magmadar Fixed an issue where Lava Bombs and Core Hounds weren't despawning properly when the encounter resets or is completed.
    • By Stan
      Blizzard is reworking the Warlock Tier Set helm coming in Patch 9.2 and the latest update on the PTR, its model has been temporarily changed to a cube!
      Here's the Warlock Tier set before the change. Blizzard confirmed they're working on updating the helm's appearance, following some negative feedback.

      In 9.2 Build 41257, the old model has been removed and replaced with a placeholder cube.

      Hopefully, we'll see the new headpiece in the next update! 
    • By Stan
      Once you complete the Zereth Mortis intro on your main character, a skip becomes available on alts, but it hasn't been confirmed if it will be enabled on Patch 9.2 launch, or at a later time.
      The Zereth Mortis skip can be activated on alts when the character is on the "Call of the Primus" quest that automatically pops up in your quest log when you log into the game for the first time after Eternity's End goes live.
      On your alternate character, talk to Tal-Inara in the Enclave while you're on the "Call of the Primus" quest. Instead of going to the Arbiter, choose the new skip option that allows you to skip directly to the end of the Zereth Mortis intro questline.

      We don't know yet if the skip option will ship with Patch 9.2 or later.
    • By Starym
      Not the wildest but also not the most stable week here in the 5th version of 9.1.5 Sanctum, as we see a lot of movement in the generalist bracket, Havoc solidifying itself as a top 5 spec in both and Rogue specs fighting for dominance in the yellow world! Let's take a look.
      Mythic DPS Rankings
      95th Percentile
      We have a very stable week this time around, as the top 4 is locked in and Havoc is keeping it's No.3 spot. Outlaw makes it into the top 5, jumping 3 spots and pushing Arms, Subtlety and Elemental, all of whom shuffled their positions around from last week as well, with Elemental being the biggest loser with its 3 drop. Assassination rose 4 spots, so all three Rogue specs are doing well this time around, gaining a combined total of 7 spots. Demonology and Frost DKs retained their highly improved positions from last week, while Affliction dropped a bunch, moving under the three bunched up Mage specs into 15th.

      95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
      All Percentiles
      We have a lot of changes in the generalist bracket, as Havoc is making its presence known a week after it did in the high percentiles, taking the same 4th spot as above! Assassination pushes through into 3rd, taking Outlaw's top Rogue position, as Subtlety also moves past it into 5th and Outlaw drops 5 into 8th. The other specs remain mostly the same, adjusting for the big movers at the top, with Demo moving up 1 past Elemental and Affliction seeing a big 5-spot drop here as well.

      All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

      Heroic DPS Rankings
      Only some small movement in heroic this week, as is customary, with Shadow overtaking Arcane for 4th and Arms passing Subtlety in 6th.

      All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.
      As always, if you want even more info on a spec, you can check out our class guides here, for a DPS tier list you can go here, or for even more data, head on over to Warcraft Logs.
    • By Stan
      We're getting a lot of toad mounts in Eternity's End! Last week, we looked at the new Vicious Frog mounts, but there are more tints available via Protoform Synthesis that we preview in this article.
      Goldplate Bufonid (Blue)
      This armored bufonid is always ready to leap into battle... as long as that battle is really, really close. In a pinch, it can leap multiple times and eventually reach the battle.

      Patient Bufonid (Dark)
      Some bufonids will sit perfectly still for hours or days at a time if left to their own devices. Fortunately, they're also far too calm and patient to get upset if a rider would like to move more often than that.

      Prototype Leaper (Dark Red)
      An ancient schematic allows for a reinstantiation of this early, but functional, bufonid design.

      Russet Bufonid (Red)
      Russet is a rare color among bufonids, normally only seen on specimens that are tainted by other cosmic forces or synthesized from a perplexing schematic that invokes that color.

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