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Survival SoO dps help

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Good afternoon fellow hunters,
im a orc hunter from al'akir and it would mean alot if someone can take a look
to my attached log, someone with a trained eye for logs.
Its my first time looking into my log and i wont make conclusion myself to fast.
The log comes as a suprise and im glad i can ask here for advice on what to improve.
All the guilds ive raided hc with never made a complaint, i want to improve where i can.

It doesn't realy matter because im beastmastery atm 
My armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/alakir/Crazyloco/advanced
Lets say my survival set was 576+(crit-haste-mastery -, i always make sure im over 7.50 for both expertise and hit rating.

This is a log from 10days ago

Me as raider can sometimes be to carefull and ending up making a dumb mistake.
I always try to help the raid by doing spark duty,soaking,dispels;etc

thanks !

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Ok, looking at malkorok (the easiest boss to analyze), 51% uptime on serpent sting. This needs to go up. SS is fairly important for SV thanks to viper venom giving back 3 focus every tick. 82% uptime in black arrow is good, but again, this needs to be as close to 100% as possible. Extra LnL procs will always increase your dps. After that, you used 11/19 possible Glaive tosses, which, again, needs to be used on cd.

Next boss: IJ. Ok, by the looks of it, you sat out the siege phase. If you want your (and your raids) dps to go up on IJ, then get back up to the boss and fight through it. Again, you're a bit low on uptimes, but that can be explained by your raids strategy with siege phase.

As for analyzing logs, what you want to look for as a hunter is your dot uptimes and whether or not you used everything on cd (kinda hard with LnL and 4pc).

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Alright a couple things right off the bat, Orthios has already mentioned. Mainly your DoT uptimes. They are all over the place and sometimes DoTs are down for a good 10-15 seconds at a time. The only thing I can think of, is that you're not reapplying serpent sting during a heavy LnL proc time. It is always a good idea to reapply Serpent Sting if it's going to fall off. You quite literally NEVER want it to fall off. I'm going to assume that you don't track your DoTs reliably so below I've provided links to my Debuff timers.






This requires Weak Auras. I highly recommend you download that add-on and import both strings. It really helps a TON with tracking DoTs.


The first is two Progress bars showing the time left of both SS and BA.

The second one is two icons that flash on your screen when SS or BA are 3 seconds from falling off.


Again, logs are somewhat difficult to analyze because of the sheer randomness of our main damage spells. The only thing we can really look at are DoT uptimes and cooldown stacking. A few times you didn't use Blood Fury as many times as you could. Dark shamans which was 8+ minutes should've had 5 uses, but you only had 4, and the last one would've been during Kill Shot phase which would've been huge. Also using your second pot might help a lot.


Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.


Good luck,


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You do not want to refresh Serpent Sting when spamming Explosive Shots during LnL.


The chance of you losing an Explosive Shot to doing so is very real, and the damage loss of doing that is much greater than losing but a few seconds of Serpent Sting uptime (seeing as it won't fall off till fairly late in your LnL).


OP's main issue is CPM, which is compromised on IJ because of their strat, and on Malk because he died, but it was still very low. It's not whether you got your second pot off, or used Blood Fury one more time - all of that helps, and you should do it, but the details are so fkn overrated compared to just casting more.


this video and


this article: http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/07/14/scattered-shots-the-dps-value-of-skill/


are both amazing for just this.

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