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All right, I'm in the alpha and here are my thoughts. If you have any questions feel free to ask and ill try my best to test it if.

Immediate changes i see

  • Wild Mushroom Bloom is gone, but Wild Mushroom / Effo still has 5 min duration. I suspect this will change to a 30s duration like they have in patch notes in the future.
  • At level 91 and 16% haste, I never go oom casting Healing Touch, I regenerate it too fast. (in combat)
  • At lvl 91, with 51k mana spamming Rejuv on my self, it took me 4-5 casts just to get below 49k mana. (in combat)
  • Wild Growth has a cast time. To me it feels so bad, but I bet in higher haste levels it will be better.
  • Tranq no longer has ticks
  • Soul of the forest has a 15s duration and only affects some spells. Its not suppose to affect Tranq, but currently tranq consumes it and DOES NOT increase its healing.
  • Gdrdx7S.png

Readiness is a Cooldown Reduction Stat and some of our spells are affected by it. The tooltip shows what spells are affected


Survival instincts is amazing. I pop it during a high damage phase and I start taking barely any damage. I miss that I can't use it while stunned but I guess I'll get over it. It also currently has a 3min recharge instead of 2, but I'm sure that will be fixed.

Lvl 100 mana costs. (160k max mana) NOTE: This is just to compare relative values of mana costs to each spell. These are subject to change at any point, especially at the end of beta when fine tuning is happening.

  • Healing Touch: 3,680
  • Rejuvenation: 3,360
  • Lifebloom: 1,600 (only stacks once now)
  • Regrowth: 2,346
  • Swiftmend: 7,744
  • Wild Growth: 17,600
  • Tranq: 7,360
  • Genesis: 7,424
  • Nature's Cure: 5,056 (dispel)
  • WIld Mushroom: 8,640
The only thing that catches my eye is the crazy wild growth cost.

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You probably haven't noticed since our things tick so often anyway, but breakpoint-less HoTs/DoTs aren't implemented yet. What we're seeing in the Alpha at the moment is between builds, it seems.

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Changed to lvl 100 mana changes, even though the actual amount is a bit meaning elss right now.  Though it shows the relative values they might want with spells in the future.


Also, i reported a bug where the "30% pandemic" effect that applys to all hots, it was not working on Lifebloom when refreshed with a direct heal, only with itself.  Minor, but a bug nonetheless

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Video of me healing the first boss of Shadowmoon Burial grounds. It seemed slightly overtuned so we decided to do a different strategy to try to kill it, which involved a lot more healing.

LLater we found there was a different strat we could have done to make it simpler, but this was more fun for me lol.

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I think the Lifebloom thing is a result of the difference between refreshing and reapplying in terms of game mechanics. Anything that is refreshed has always been reset to its original duration - for LB that's 15 seconds. When something's reapplied, it goes into the Pandemic effect.

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I logged a UBRS run, this link was for the entire instance.


From what I see, Wild Growth is EXTREMELY strong.  Which explains its significantly high mana cost.  


Wild mushroom lasts 5 mins with the sprouting mushroom glyph, which is a bug, so its healing is higher than it should be since I was able to pay less attention to it.


I used the Germination lvl 100 talent, which play style it felt really nice being able to add a 2nd rejuv.  I found a sort of style that let me put 2 rejuvs on any one that was pretty low on HP, or in the last 5-6 seconds I could add the 2nd rejuv as to not waste the ticks or have to worry about the pandemic effect.  It did shake my mana a bit since I was casting extra rejuvs for the amount of people in my group.

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