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Elemental shaman Mastery cap

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% mastery in general

% when using mastery when using UF
% when using mastery when useing elemental blase

which is better.


<3 <3 <3

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100% in general.

100% when using UF

87.4% when using EB.  (Which is 100% - 3500 rating, counting a 2/2 H PBoI's amp on that rating.  For your 4/4 HWF PBoI, you may want to aim closer to 87% even.)


Technically, UF is better, as long as you can execute it well.  This means not spending Unleash Flame on Flame Shock, limiting your instant casts during UF's debuff, and using it close to it's cooldown with those conditions met.


I prefer EB, and typically rank top 10 w/ EB at 87.2% Mastery and 44.8% Haste.  The playstyle is also typically easier, with none of the traps you can get into with UF (except casting it close to it's cooldown, but even that is more lax.)

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UF also loses value if you ever switch targets for any reason, ever.  It wins out for Iron Juggernaut, but even Garrosh has enough target switching to make me suspect it's no longer a gain (although in that particular case, I think it's very close, and quite possibly still better just for pushing more damage into Ascendance).


EB is a lot more forgiving, still rocks against multiple targets, provides fantastic snap damage (breaking MCs, for example), and will probably give better results to the vast majority of players.  I fully encourage you to not trust sims to make this decision for you (their contribution was telling us the two talents are rather well balanced); try them both out, and see which one you can use better, and which one you like better.  If you're uncomfortable when beating up a target dummy, you're going to make mistakes in an actual raid.  Easy has its advantages.

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