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Extremely Useful Covenant Swap Macros for All Classes

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With the Covenant swapping floodgates opened, players are jumping around those Shadowlands clubs like crazy, but there is a small issue that comes with that, as you'll constantly need to replace your abilities as you move from one to the next. Luckily, Belazriel has you covered, as they put together macros for each class and their Covenant-related abilities so you don't need to swap anything out when changing Covenants!

This is very useful for players that frequently swap around, for example when going to do PvP, M+ or raid activities on different occasions, but it's handy even in normal circumstances as you don't need to change anything when swapping over. You can get the full macros by clicking on the post below:

Once again big thanks to Belazriel for all the work!

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