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Warlock Audit

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Hello Gentlemen I have been following the guides and threads in this forum for awhile and am asking for an audit of my performance. I think my relative dps is good for my gear however am always looking for ways to improve. Recently just picked up BBoY Normal and am going to give that a go next week to see if it will help my dps at all. My guild is currently sticking with normal mode SoO for the remainder of the expansion so my goal is to maximize everything that I can with my warlock before going into WoD. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you for your time. 
Armory : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thrall/Nêmêsis/simple
World of Logs : http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/a7B3YvJ96dMrzhRp
Thanks again, 

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Since you didn't pick any particular fights to look at, I'll pick a few that are good for analysis.  In the future, pick a few fights, because the depth that I analyze logs is pretty intense and thorough.


Fallen Protectors (4:41)



Agony Uptime = 98.7%

Corruption uptime = 98.7%



Unstable Affliction Uptime = 95.1%

Potions used = 1



8 Haunts over almost 5 minutes

63 Soul Swap Casts

Malefic Grasp Uptime = 11.5%

Empowered DoT management


Here is a chart of your procs matched up with your usage of Haunt: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/a7B3YvJ96dMrzhRp#fight=6&type=auras&source=23&pins=0%24Separate%24%23244F4B%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24148906%5E0%24Separate%24%23909049%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24146046%5E0%24Separate%24%23a04D8A%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24113860%5E0%24Separate%24%23DF5353%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24137590&spells=debuffs&by=target&ability=48181


Notice that at the 2:00 mark, you have all procs live for a short period of time - enough to Soulburn:Soul Swap and snapshot some mega DoTs.  You then should have been dropping Haunts everywhere to empower those.  Instead, you had no Haunt use from 6:52 until 7:59, or a total of 67 seconds.  THEN you got a single Tempus Repit proc and you dumped 3 Haunts.  Poor management of Soul Shards.


Here is a chart showing your Soulburn uses throughout the fight: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/a7B3YvJ96dMrzhRp#fight=6&type=casts&source=23&pins=0%24Separate%24%23244F4B%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24148906%5E0%24Separate%24%23909049%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24146046%5E0%24Separate%24%23a04D8A%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24113860%5E0%24Separate%24%23DF5353%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24137590&ability=74434


Notice that you only use 5, which is fine - but you're not using it to snapshot powerful DoTs.  You cast 2 at the start of the fight and 2 towards the end of the fight, but none during execute and only 2 during your opener.  There's a lot of opportunities for growth here.


I can tell from your logs that you're trying to do the Soul Swap trick to do massive DPS.  You have to fully master Affliction in order to pull that kind of DPS trick off.  All you're doing is spreading normal DoTs around with Soul Swap - in fact, you casted it 63 times.  The only reason you'd want to be using Soul Swap that often is if you're still passing around empowered DoTs from your opener.  You're wasting time using Soul Swap when you could just be having DoTs up and using MG and Haunt to boost your single target damage.  At your item level, 500-600k DPS isn't out of the question, but you're shy of 400k.  Focus on extending powerful DoTs and work on mastering Affliction before you start trying to do complex mechanics such as extending your opening DoTs for over a minute.



Malkorok - 3:08



Average Chaos Bolt = 1.4M

5 Shadowburns

Doomguard = 18 casts



Immolate uptime = 89%


Here is a chart of your Chaos Bolt casts with your procs: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/a7B3YvJ96dMrzhRp#fight=33&type=casts&source=23&pins=0%24Separate%24%23244F4B%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24148906%5E0%24Separate%24%23909049%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24146046%5E0%24Separate%24%23DF5353%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24137590%5E0%24Separate%24%23DF5353%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%2490506820.0.0.Warlock%24false%24113858&ability=116858


I see relatively good use of Chaos Bolts during procs.  No advice to give here regarding Chaos Bolt or Shadowburn, which is a good thing.  Bring up your Immolate uptime and weave in a few Rain of Fires if you have to move and get a Haste proc unless you're sitting on a Conflag charge.  I know you're using AD here, so that's why I recommend that.  If you use KJC, keep Incinerates going while moving.


It looks as if you're a relatively skilled Destruction Warlock, but your Affliction play could use some work. 

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Zagam, thank you for the analysis I will be sure to note which fights next time. I agree my affliction play is pretty awful and the tips you gave me are greatly appreciated. I will start working toward that in the coming weeks. I rarely play affliction except for on protectors but am in the mindset of attempting to master everything not just one spec. Demonology is definitely my weakest. Regardless I appreciate your time on this. 

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