Nat Pagle (useful or DE) - other questions; Faceless Manipulator, Giants, Siphon Soul

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Hello all,


I'm a newer player, rank 17-18.  I'd like to play Druid, but the RNG powers that be gave me Leeroy (fits nicely into several warlock decks, and to Druid decks as well, from what I understand) and yesterday -- Nat Pagle.  I only have one Ancient of Lore (crafted) and down to 485 dust.


I'm a little bit lost with this card.  Do I use it?  Do I disenchant it for dust?   I was hoping for a legendary I really wanted - Ragnaros, Ysera, TBK, something with my limited experience, I could work with - but yes, I'm somewhat flummoxed with this card.




My second question - the Giants; disenchant or keep?  I have three (two Molten, one Sea) and it's unclear where or if to use them; they seem highly situational.


I did pull a Faceless Manipulator from one of the decks I received - I've seen this card used to great effect, but when I watch streams or look at decks, I rarely see it.  Is it less useful than I thought it was?   


Finally, the Warlock's Siphon Soul - a hard removal card, I wondered why it wasn't more popular or used - warlocks don't have Hex or Polymorph, there are removal options, but this seems to be a useful card that I never see in any lineup - I understand that it's expensive, far more expensive than Big Game Hunter, but if the attack of the minion in question is under BGH's threshold, would this not be useful, or would it take up a slot needed for a different card?


I apologize in advance for the variety of questions; I don't have friends who play this game, they either play other games, or aren't gamers, as such, I'm limited in options for assistance and questions.  


As an addendum, how would I link cards such that mousing over would display them?



Thank you!



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