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2 AMP trinkets on resto druids?

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Hello guys wink.png

This is one of my chars, resto druid http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/agamaggan/Dotclaw/advanced 


Atm I am using sha amp trinket and siegecrafters samophlange. On other spec(balance) i have amp trinket from immerseus which also works for stats amplification when im in resto spec (although i need to auto attack or use spells like fearie fire or others in bear or feral form to proc other effect while healing). 


My question is, has anyone tested using both AMP trinkets (caster and healer), and does it give much improvement to the healing spec?


One more thing, I have this haste because I wanted to go for next sotf haste breakpoint at 13953, dont mind it wink.png

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Having Thok's Tail Tip, or even the DSD, as your second trinket is better than using two amps, especially when you have to do so much work if you want the int proc on the PBI. It's only a 15% chance on attack, meaning you're going to need to spend quite a bit of time trying to proc it that you should be spending healing.

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