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Mage Questions

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Hey guys started raiding on my mage recently and find frost as a spec terribly boring.


I am currently at a 553 Ilvl with a link to my armory here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Hyponikzs/advanced (I realise two of the pieces are pvp)


I recently respecced to fire and am finding my dps signifcantly lower than frost so I have a few questions


1. Is my ilvl and gear good enough for fire? 

2. Is fire being played by alot of people at the moment ? (I feel like most mages are arcane and frost and would like to know why)

3. I dont want to play frost anymore so would arcane be suitable for my gear if my gear is not suibtable for fire


Thanks in advance!

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Hello Hyponikz


I hope to be able to answer your questions

1. You are capable of going Fire, but you shall see better results as Frost or Arcane. Fire becomes smooth at higher item levels and higher crit levels.

2. Fire is played by alot of people at the higher brackets of raiding (this doesn't mean that Frost or Arcane aren't represented so chillax Durrtygoodz :) ) because it scales terribly well at high crit levels.

3. Your gear is suitable for Fire, but the results will be lower than Frost or Arcane. (with Arcane being lower than Frost). Keep in mind though that changing to either Arcane or Fire won't be an instant boom dps increase. For Arcane you will need to learn the intricacies of the spec as well as accepting the fact you will be using Rune of Power.


I can not say anything against you wanting to play another spec because you dislike Frost. Frost would be the highest dps at the moment for your gear, followed by Arcane and then Fire. 
Check the Icy Veins Guides for more info on how to play your class. and spec


I realise my answers might not be really clear. If you have any questions you want me to elaborate upon ask me.


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