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A few survival dps questions

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Basically just wanted to ask a few rotation questions that i can't find the answers to on the guide here or anywhere else.


First of all I wanted to ask about where dire beast comes in priority. It says it should be used on CD. Does this mean it takes priority over explosive shot, black arrow, etc? Or does it just mean on CD when I would just be spamming cobras? Was also wondering the same sort of thing about crows and sampede.


Next I was wandering about black arrow, while using the CD reduction trinket. Should i refresh it if the old black arrow still has a few seconds left? Or should I aim to refresh it at like the 2 second mark?


Next I wanted to know if anything takes priority over explosive show when it keeps proccing my tier bonus repeatedly. Does it still apply that if i'm at full focus I dump some with black arrow / glaive toss if they're up otherwise I use arcane shot? Do any of my CDs take prio over it? If the proc chain is causing my serpant sting to drop low should i spam a few arcane shots to drop focus, then cobra to refresh it, or should i simply cast a new serpant sting just before it drops?


Finally I wanted to know if anything takes prio over the second cast of kill shot. For example if I cast the first kill shot then, before my second kill shot, something comes of CD or i get a proc for my explosive shots. Do i cast the second no matter what or does the second have the same priority order as the first? Also with killshot I notice on some bosses it takes more than a global to reach the boss. Is it worth casting an arcane or cobra shot straight after if this is the case, since if it takes a while to hit I can't cast a second kill shot as soon as the global is ready, so i waste some time.


I know some of these questions might be dumb, and some might be me worrying about dps changes that are so small they don't even matter, but thanks anyway for reading and for any help anyone can give me smile.png

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You don't wanna use Dire Beast at all, so yeah.


You should use Black Arrow when it's just about to fall off.


Nothing takes priority over Explosive Shot when LnL is up, except Black Arrow when the LnL ICD is off and Stampede if it means you can stack it with AoC proc. Do not use anything else. Ever.


Refresh Serpent Sting manually when the proc line ends.


Explosive Shot/Black Arrow take priority over Kill Shot. If it takes too long to land, you can fill in with whatever.

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Hmm, according to the survi dps guide during LnL if you have max focus, or are about to hit it, you should cast an arcane shot to stop it from capping. Is this wrong / out of date?


Also I know dire beast isn't as good as fervor but tbh the dps difference is really small and i just prefer dire best for some reason.


Thanks for the reply

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That is wrong - focus capping is not a DPS loss if you're doing the highest damage possible - basic logic: Arcane Shot does lower damage than an Explosive Shot, so there's no reason to prioritize AS over ES just because you're focus capping.


The thing with not focus capping is that if you are, it means that you are not spending enough focus, and spending is always more damage than generating (Arcane Shot is always more damage than Cobra Shot), but when LnL is up, ES is free, AND it does the highest damage of any ability, so you can keep on spamming.


I will be co-reviewing the Hunter guides with Rogerbrown from now on, and I have sent some corrections in that should be reflected on the guides soon - including this issue.


The difference between Dire Beast and Fervor is quite big, actually, and ToTH is arguably a tiny bit better than both for single-target (and always multi-target), but if you really like Fervor, you should prioritize it as the highest except for Black Arrow, so your prio looks something like.


Dire Beast

Black Arrow uptime

Explosive Shot

--- etc

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