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Kinda new to brew master looking for some advice.

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Hey guys I'm kinda new to brew master been playing it for around a 5 weeks or so I just wondering how do I solo tank normal garrosh is it just a gear thing or am I doing something wrong. (I know I'm not some 570 tank but I was able to solo tank normal garrosh on my blood dk at 550s granted I've mained my dk since cata so.)


http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Vonogfoutat/advanced Armory (I might be in WW spec if i am just replace assurance with malk trinket from flex, and tier pants from normal)


I have no logs for my monk sadly so yeah. :x Buy any help like how I should be using cds or w.e I would be very thankful for. 


In all my garrosh attempts I have 95+ uptime on shuffle

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You should be able to solo tank it at your ilvl.


Just focus on using expel harm and guard at the optimal times (Higher stacks in P2 etc).


Use some of your cooldowns to gain extra vengeance in the transition phases by soaking anhililates and you will then begin phases with high vengeance.


Big vengeance chi waves will help heal you and your raid and also provide some good dps.


The P2 Magical damage will be the most punishing, just try to conserve energy for expel harm and shuffle only and not worry about dps, let high vengeance worry about the dps for you :P

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