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Some questions about the new Enrage mechanic

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Hi guys,

Hopefully this question can be fielded here, though it may be better suited to a different forum.

I'm curious about the new enrage mechanic...

When is enrage damage calculated? At the key-press of BT/CS? Meaning those attacks benefit from increased damage? Or is it at .01 past the critical strike registration?

How is enrage damage calculated? Is it additive on top of, for example, berserker rage? Meaning 10% from BR + X% from enrage? Is the increase in damage to the final calculated value or to the tooltip base damage of abilities?

EDIT: Had wrong cooldown time in my head, removed a question.

Edited by cuppicake

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9/9 11:09:39.471 SPELL_HEAL,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,117313,"Bloodthirst Heal",0x1,2672,2672,0,nil9/9 11:09:39.472 SWING_DAMAGE,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0xF1307F9B00006E13,"Training Dummy",0x10a28,0x0,6822,6821,1,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil9/9 11:09:39.472 SPELL_ENERGIZE,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,23881,"Bloodthirst",0x1,10,19/9 11:09:39.472 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0xF1307F9B00006E13,"Training Dummy",0x10a28,0x0,23881,"Bloodthirst",0x19/9 11:09:39.676 SPELL_AURA_APPLIED,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0xF1307F9B00006E13,"Training Dummy",0xa28,0x0,115767,"Deep Wounds",0x1,DEBUFF9/9 11:09:39.676 SPELL_DAMAGE,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0xF1307F9B00006E13,"Training Dummy",0xa28,0x0,23881,"Bloodthirst",0x1,16641,16640,1,0,0,0,1,nil,nil9/9 11:09:40.043 SPELL_AURA_APPLIED,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,131116,"Raging Blow!",0x1,BUFF9/9 11:09:40.043 SPELL_ENERGIZE,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,12880,"Enrage",0x1,10,19/9 11:09:40.043 SPELL_AURA_APPLIED,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,12880,"Enrage",0x1,BUFF9/9 11:09:42.691 SPELL_PERIODIC_DAMAGE,0x0300000002ECFA93,"Zipflsepp",0x511,0x0,0xF1307F9B00006E13,"Training Dummy",0xa28,0x0,115767,"Deep Wounds",0x1,2676,2675,1,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil

mh. seems like enrage comes after the the dmg ^^

and berserker rage is the same like bloodthirst crit(colossus smash, mortal strike crit or critical block).

it gives you the "enrage" buff. and 1 use of raging blow.

so you can use it if you are not enraged. and sadly it wont stack

it changes the tooltip.



Instantly attack the target, dealing 100% weapon damage plus 1519 with your main hand weapon and restoring 2% of your health. Bloodthirst has double the normal chance to be a critical strike.

Generates 10 Rage.


100% weapon damage plus 2034

edit. added colossus smash. wont stack. tooltip change

Edited by Luofu
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