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Raid Boss Debuff Stack List ?

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Hi all,


As i'm OSing to tank, i was wondering if there's a list of ALL Raid Bosses Debuff Stacks list which shows on how many stacks to tank-swap.


Maybe it's out there somewhere, but i can't find it :(


I'd like to have a list on the default stacks on when to swap.


Is it the allways the same for LFR , Flex, NM and HC ??


Second reason i'd like to have a list, is to put all them debuffs into TellMeWhen.


If there's no list anywhere, i'd like to make one and post.

(Yes, i could check all mechanics off all bosses and gather a list from there i guess, if they show/tell which debuff + stacks)


TIA all.

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Here's a link I found on MMO-Champion:



It appears the one you are looking for are: 


pastebin.com/qeNjZQSw - SoO Weak Auras for RAID debuffs!


pastebin.com/qNExS96S - SoO Weak Auras for TANK


pastebin.com/CdqHqRkf - SoO Weak Auras for Taunts (Change the name from "Imnotdraenei" to whatever your 2nd tank is named, good to track other tanks debuff if you play tank aswell!)


pastebin.com/ieFHcnHU - SoO Weak Auras for RAID buffs


You will have to test this since I am at work and cannot. Good luck.

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The problem with this tier is that so many depend on how you're executing the encounter, and how your specific assignments work.


For example, Immerseus.  Some groups may have the tanks taunt off of each other at 1 stack, just to play it safe.  Others will let specific classes soak 2, such as a BrM Monk w/ Diffuse Magic, or a Prot Pally w/ Ardent Defender, for the extra Vengeance.  In Heroic, you may assign one tank to eat the first stack, then swap for the first set of adds, and have the OT take up to the next two stacks.


Another good example is Malkorok, which you should balance around how much healing your healers can offer your tanks, along with when exactly your debuff falls during the fight.  If your co-tank has 13 stacks, but you have 5 seconds left on your stacks, you don't want to be taunting there anyway.


I would REALLY recommend heavily to avoid using someone elses WAs unless you're using their specific strats, and I would recommend critical thinking instead of having something to tell you what to do.

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