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Mistweaver - what am I doing wrong

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I've joined a new guild who're still building from a core of relatively experienced MOP raiders, some of which have superior gear. 


Our first raid was completed last night, however I'm concerned that my healing is WAY below the other two healers in the group. One of these was a pickup Druid, however I still think that I must be doing something wrong.







http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ypzjvchHFndDZ2kR#type=summary&source=9&fight=233 - Protectors


http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ypzjvchHFndDZ2kR#type=summary&source=9&fight=239 - Norushen


http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ypzjvchHFndDZ2kR#type=summary&source=9&fight=242 - Sha of Pride



I am aware that I do not use thunder focus tea enough at all, but surely that's not the main reason? Also, both others healers were druids and had better gear, but I'm so far behind...

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A few quick things. I'm focusing primarily on Norushen because it's the most heal intensive:

  1. You always want to be sitting on a haste breakpoint. You're currently at 23.66% buffed and should either jump to 27.76% or drop to 16.65%. You'll lose a small amount of crit going up a haste breakpoint but you'll gain an extra tick of renewing/enveloping mist.
  2. You only used Chi Brew once. It's a free uplift and 10% mana (2.5 mana tea stacks) every 45 seconds with two charges. I typically use one of the charges on cooldown and save the other for emergencies.
  3. Half of your chi from soothing mist is being wasted (gained while at cap). On a fight like Norushen with constant damage, you want to uplift the instant you hit max chi.
  4. Thunder Focus Tea isn't quite as useful in 10-man but you should still use it on cooldown.
  5. You should be fistweaving more often. With only 2 healers you don't always get the opportunity, but on fights like Sha where you had 75% overhealing with rm/uplift, you should really be punching the boss instead. It means extra DPS and your heals will be more effective (smart heals versus blanket coverage).

Overall though, your healing is about as expected for your ilvl. Mistweavers are one of the weakest healers this patch and you'll never beat a druid with +20 ilvl.

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