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Whispers while playing Diablo 3

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I have been hearing whispers while playing the game off and on for a few days now.  Much of what they say I cannot make out and I "Oh they have some very good creepy background noise" as I had discovered my SoundBlaster ZxR was set to a low number of voices [16] and turned it up to 128 before this happened.  But a few times things have been said that apply directly to the game as if this is a person observing me play.  I have searched the internet and found references to exactly this back to 2011 but only a few and never taken seriously or serious comments made by others.  

The whispers are distorted to sound very creepy and are often hard to make out.  They usually say standard creepy things but just plain odd things are not uncommon.  Then tonight a Shield of the Steed dropped and I heard plain as day in distorted whisper "That's a nice find"

Card is a SoundBlaster ZxR and I turned it up from 16 to 128 channels.  

So has anyone else experienced this.... I was doing bounties for mats in Act 2 in the Desolate Sands on Torment 15

So does anyone know anything about this?

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I cant say that I have ever heard anyone talking in my game but I also did feel sometimes like I am being

watched because I have had phantom typing in my game from someone who is not even online typing

something to me which I did report on the blizzard forums with a screenshot on the post which they have

taken down and also like sometimes when I am doing well like I am about to beat my personal best and

the rift is for example like at 97% completion then for no reason I just get disconnected and stuff like that.

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