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Gearing Advice- resto sham 2 or 4 piece

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i would like to ask some advice as I am a little unsure of what i should do. Recently i got a chest token which now lets me equip the 4 piece tier set replacing both my chest and shoulders with my shoulders, however to do so i either loose  crit or have to lower my haste cap.  wondered if people thought i should stay as i am or equip the 4 piece for the bonus?



currently healing normal's with a disc priest as other healer  aiming to move into heroics

my armory link http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/usa/jubei'thos/talt%C3%B5s 

AMR weights i currently run with 



int                    1

haste to 8885   0.75

spell power       0.75

spirit to 10000   0.75

crit                     0.65

mastery             0.4

haste after cap  0.36

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I personally don't find much value in the 4pc, and skip it myself in favor of a fair bit more Crit.

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i also like crit much better, you could use the token to buy the ele chest, and hope for the helm from nazgrim.


i like shoulders/pants for tier because the 2 pc is great.

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