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unholy for the masses

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Hi folks,


I've decided to reroll as unholy, just to keep things interesting at this point in the expansion...




Here's some logs from me pugging as unholy at ilvl 566.




I was worried there would be a huge drop in damage, based on what I was seeing on raidbots and noxxic (ugggh). But that didn't seem to be the case.


I definitely need some practice....not a class where you just spam one or two abilities (ahem...DW Frost) and I felt a bit shaky in AOE situations. Managing diseases and runes is trickier than Frost's howling blarghh.


Burst damage was great though....unholy frenzy, gargoyle, AoTD, pot and timewarp and I was peaking over 800k single target (Juggernaught and Malkorok).



I averaged 306k on Sha- the first raid boss I've done in a long time as unholy so was pretty rusty. I managed to get up to about 322k on Juggernaught.



Anyway, the point of this is to tempt some of you Frost Death Knights over to the unholy side...hopefully you won't see a drop in your numbers and will enjoy a more challenging spec. Don't get me wrong I love the frenzy that is frost, but Unholy is alive and well I think.


Any comment on the logs welcome!




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Yeah i encourage all DKs to go funholy (^.^) It's alot more fun and to be honest it's slightly better dps if you play it very well.



As far as the log goes just looking over sha you could have probably had more soul reaper more like 9 probably (maybe not maybe your group had some good burst at the last 35%) I believe just looking at your damage meters that you might have not had the best snap shots considering your gargoyle was your highest damage you probably could have had a bit higher 80% of the fights i do blood plague is my #1 damage by a good 4ish% 


Aoe. How i aoe is i just throw down death and decay and then spread dots i don't find blood boil to me much use and normally just screws me up on using fester/SS properly i mean if you do it right you can but it's really awkward to do Imo other wise keep at the dps biggrin.png I'm glad there is another unholy dk out there!


Also just quickly looking at your talents i believe that unholy blight is much better then roiling cause if you use roiling blood it unsnap shots your Dots which may be part of why your blood plague wasn't your highest damage ^.^

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Unholy has somewhat intrigued me throughout my history as a DK. I've rerolled my offspec from Frost to Unholy several times, only to switch it back pretty quick. I'm too used to the big hitters being 2 rune attacks having mostly played Blood and 2H Frost so I'm having a really hard time finding the flow with Unholy and even DW frost, where the more important abilities only spend one rune. :/

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Main difference, I guess, is that's there's a spread of damage from a lot of abilities and you're a DOT class rather than a single big hitter.


That's why I enjoy it.....very, very different to frost which I was a bit burnt out on.

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