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Hey Guys !


I'm Zyg and i have been playing Hearhtstone since the beta. While i did get to rank 1 in ranked the most fun i get is by playing Arena which is why I focus almost exclusively on Arena. If you like watching Arena runs and/or want to get better in Arena then this stream is for you.


The goal of the stream is to teach players how to play / draft better in Arena as i explain all my plays and my train of thought for each turn. This also means that the stream is very interactive as i convers a lot with the viewers to answer their question and help them during their draft for example.


I have reached 12 wins around 30 times now and usually average 6-7 wins though i often take up challenges from viewers during draft (Went 9-3 with a "take all the murlocs" warlock" and full aggro Warrior asked by viewers)



I also edit footage of my arena runs into fun videos and upload them to my Youtube Channel: (here is a sample)

TL;DR: Looking for a fun and interactive stream focusing on knowing more about arena ? This is the stream for you www.twitch.tv/zyg101

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Hi. I'm ok at rated but terrible in arena. Sometimes I make and OK deck if  I get lucky with cards I recognize and normally use. I still can't decide on what hero to use in the arena. I'm sure one or two are better than the rest. Any advice on choosing a hero?

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