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My DPS Sucks, help appreciated!

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I'm a 553 Survival Hunter with terrible dps. I recently got the legendary cloak, and I thought my dps would be great, as my gear is pretty decent (I think). I never really paid much attention to my dps until recently, so I don't know if anything changed. I got kicked from two raid groups today (SoO 10M), because I was only doing about 80k dps, while others were doing 200k-300k. I know I'm missing a couple gems, and I plan to get them tonight, but I don't think they make THAT much of a difference. I also have a couple pieces of PVP gear (bow/wrist/trinket) in my PVE set. Could that be causing my dps to be this bad?

My usual rotation for single targets is:

Hunter's mark
Serpent Sting
Black arrow 
Stampede + Dire Beast + Murder of Crows
Explosive Shot
Glaive toss
Arcane shot to dump focus

Cobra shot for focus regeneration/serpent sting renew

I'm really clueless as to what I'm doing wrong, any suggestions would be appreciated!


Armory link: 


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Looking at your armory page you have PVP bracers,trinket and weapon i'm not sure if this is just because you logged out in them or not, but if these are what you're using you're missing a large amount of DPS from having an actual 2nd DPS trinket as well as the weapon too, you're also way over the hit cap.


on another note Dire beast is not very good for survival with both TotH and Fervor both being better for it

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The pvp gear isn't going to drop you from the ~240k dps you should be doing to the 80k that you are. What will cause that big of a drop is executing the rotation wrong. Also, for survival, dire beast just isn't very good compared to TotH or Fervor. Rotation wise, it should look something like this:

Keep serpent sting up (should only have to apply it once)

Keep Black arrow up (with AoC, uptime should be as close to 100% as possible)

Explosive shot on cooldown, spam ES with LnL procs

Glaive Toss on cd

Arcane shot to dump focus (try to hover between 30-60 focus for ES).

Cobra shot to regen focus

AMoC should be used as close to on cd as you can, but don't prioritize it over ES or Glaive toss.

Use stampede and rapid fire on cd.

Logs will help us *kinda* analyze whether you are executing things properly or not.

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