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Follower cannot die + Vitality ?

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Hi, I'm a newbie in Diablo III - sorry if it's an obvious answer - but it's bothering me...
Why each followers guides for GR Pushing is recommending both the "Follower cannot die" and "Vitality" as stat priority.
I don't get it... if he can't die, he doesn't need Vitality,resistance,Armor... , right ?


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Heya! Vitality rolls can be helpful if/when you alternate to a non-invulnerability follower item, i.e. for speed GRs - which is surprisingly helpful once you fully upgrade a Follower and level up their survivability gems. If you stick to the invulnerability items, the recommendation is indeed a little out of place 😛 To be quite honest, very few stats outside of Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity and Increased Attack Speed matter for Followers; they are mostly a walking buff.

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