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Storm Explores places he probably shouldn't be in WoD

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Many of you may not know, but back in Burning Crusade and Wrath I used to be an avid explorer in WoW. Wall jumping, breaking through walls, busting out of instances like ZG and ZF to see what the zones they're located in looked like when they were made. I haven't done it in a while because flying everywhere took most of the fun out of exploring, but currently being in the WoD beta gives me access to be one of the first people to share some of the areas that many people will probably not take the time to get to. and some of these areas may never be reachable on a live server . . . for reasons (#1 being that there is no fatigue in the beta right now, and the only reason I'm not auto dc'ing when I enter what would normally be fatigue areas is because path of frost seems to bypass something)


First up is a patch of area that looks like it was just sort of left over from a bulk copy of terrain.


What's this? there's an island way off in the distance, there's no fatigue so maybe I can make it there.



I see buildings, maybe there's a way up there, would be super exciting to explore



For reference this is roughly where I am on the map, but it's hard to give an exact location because the map isn't tracking my location



I ran all the way around the island but unfortunately I couldn't find any way to get up top, and even when I found gaps in the walls, I instantly DC'd if I went inside the island area



This confirmed for me that this is Outlands Nagrand. this is definitely the Throne of the elements


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Nice! Me too, I love to explore stuff before flying mounts became standard throughout Azeroth smile.png

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I have a few more that I'll post later when I get home. Only the first zone has npc's right now, but I spent a few hours exploring all over the map yesterday. This was the only island I found way out in the middle of fatigue water, but I do have some cool screenshots of the PVP area, the black temple, and Gorgrond.


Gorgrond was by far the most impressive zone I explored yesterady, and quite possibly the most impressive zone I've ever seen in any MMO. The zone is kind of dark and has a very war torn feel to it, and there are extremely realistic looking ominous thunderclouds. I live in the US midwest, and I've seen my share of ominous thunderclouds, and I seriously was looking at these clouds in game thinking a tornado was about to touch down on me. The Blackrock Shipyard is amazing. it's this massive military complex, that is so huge and intimidating it is truly the first area in wow worthy of being called epic.

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Here are some of the earlier mentioned screenshots of Gorgrond. But as I look at them I realize these screen shots only capture a fraction of the epic feel this zone has.The detail in the clouds and the thunder isn't shown in my screenshot, and as epic as the screenshot of docks looks it doesn't show just how grandiose the entire complex feels. I think a video walkthrough may be in order sometime this week.





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