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[Beast Mastery Hunter] Mythic Sylvanas Prog Damage

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Hi, I don't normally do these kinds of things but felt I should give this kind of log review a shot instead of hoping enough Hunter-specific advice comes up over on r/competitivewow since the fight has a lot of downtime to just look at my cast counts.

Some background: My guild has been progressing on Sylvanas very slowly (200+ pulls now and only reaching the start of phase 3) and I want to do what I can to help gain a little more damage compared to our raid's other BM hunter Rohzay. I've tried comparing our damage but the only major thing I see is that he uses blood set instead of unholy.

Log link: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/JChWYBHtTQKAgNGP this is our most recent prog night. I think pull 16 would be a good one to look at since I died early in pull 17 from orbs blowing up in p2. My character is Sarskee

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Hi Gex!

I'm Azor, I write the Hunter guides on here.


Comparing you and your hunter guildmate, you're approaching the fight very differently with your Wild Spirits. He uses it primarily on adds, which is way better for his personal DPS, while you do it more on the boss. There's nothing wrong with the way you are doing it, but you will pretty much always perform worse than him for this reason. If you wanted to compete with him, you'd need to save your opening Wild Spirits for the Domination Arrow set. He more than doubles your WS damage on Domination Arrows.

I think it's also worth noting that he has a significant gear advantage so even if you do the Wild Spirits like him, he'll beat you on gear alone. He has 4 sockets to your 1, and 252 One with the Beast to your 226.

Your opener could use some work. Try and open with your 2x Barbed Shots immediately, then head into your CD's and only then start worrying about Kill Command and Wailing Arrow.

Your 3-stack uptime is generally low. I'd recommend using my Barbed Shot Helper WeakAura if you aren't already. It takes the decision making out of it and just tells you when to press it. Casting it too little and too often are both major mistakes, and you're doing a bit of both at different times. Low 3-stack uptime is nearly always caused by it being too much, but during Wild Spirits, Barbed Shot becomes very high prio and you always wanna end a Wild Spirits with 0 charges of Barbed Shot remaining since it causes a double (or quadruple proc, with Antlers).

You are also not prioritizing Kill Command nearly high enough, on single-target. There were 5 instances of you casting Cobra Shot when Kill Command was available, which is one of the greatest sins with the BM Rotation, since Cobra Shot is more expensive than Kill Command while dealing less than half the damage. Casting it with KC available also wastes the cooldown reduction that you could've gotten had you prioritized Kill Command as highly as it should.

Another issue that affects all your play is downtime, which you mention yourself as being an aspect of the fight, but there's also a lot of it that is just you being AFK in combat. For example when you get the Arrow in Phase 1 and you are placing the adds, you spend like 10 seconds not casting any spells at all. Every moment from the fight begins to 3:08 (when the boss goes immune) is an opportunity to do damage, unless of course you are stopping DPS as part of the strat, but that does not seem to be the case..

In Phase 2, you are basically not even bothering with Beast Cleave when it should be priority #1 to have 100% uptime on it as long as there is more than one target up. On the first platform which is all adds, you have like 45% uptime on Beast Cleave. Long way to go there.

Also your priest is casting Power Infusion on you at totally the wrong time for your first Wild Spirits, but then sorts it out by the second, so might just be a fluke.

So yeah, there's stuff to work on in both ST and AoE and you'd also benefit your personal DPS by shifting your Wild Spirits over to Arrows instead of boss on pull, but that's a raid leader decision usually.

I hope this helps and feel free to reply if you want any clarifications or have comments/feedback!


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