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[Frost] Help with dps

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Hello everyone! I've been having trouble with my DPS. I understand that my gear is sub par but everyone tells that I should be doing much more than I am now. So I was wondering if someone could possibly have a look at my guild's last malkorok run and my armory and see where I'm going wrong.



There have been a few gear changes since then, I replaced the LFR headpiece I had with the ordos headpiece, replaced my Kardis trinket with the flex version of it, and upgraded a 502 ring with the flex galakras ring.



Didn't exactly do all that well but it's the only log I have where we actually killed him.


Thank you in advance!

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Hey there Acelea! it's always good to be asking how you can improve! Here is what I noticed at first glance:


1) Your living bomb uptime is 61%. This is HUGE. On a fight like malk you should be aiming for 95% minimum. 

2) Invokers energy uptime was 75%. This is better than living bomb but again should be able to achieve a much higher uptime. I recommend setting up a weak aura or a tell me when to help you track this. 

3) You hard casted 1 FFB and used 3 ice lances without procs, this is NOT a big deal compared to the other two, but once again something you can improve on. 


Try and take this information and go into a flex or lfr malk and work and these things and let me know how it goes.

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Hello Acelea,

As Hydro mentioned you have quite a low Living Bomb uptime. The reason this is huge for frost especially, is that Living Bomb actually procs your Brain Freeze effect, that makes Frostfire bolt instant and your most powerful spell.

You can also improve quite abit your Invoker's energy uptime. What I saw was that it fell down for an extended period of time. This means you don't have good visibility of the buff. As Hydro mentioned, weakauras can solve both Living Bomb and Invoker's Energy. If you don't know how to use it, here are a couple of my strings:

Invoker's Energy




Living Bomb




Another point you can improve is your potion usage. You only prepotted but didn't during the fight. This is the same for Alter Time. You only used it once during Icy Veins.
From what I saw you didn't cast Frostfire bolt without Brain Freeze, but you did indeed cast icelance three times without Fingers of Frost. Never use Icelance without a proc! It's your lowest damage spell. I think even Arcane Explosion does more single target damage.


I think that's it for now.

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Besides the problem with up times which is large, there is one that's bigger.

That is that from about 2:35s to about 3:02s you did not cast a single frostbolt, frostfire bolt, or ice lance.  It's why your water elemental was your #1 attack - it kept attacking during the whole fight while you did not.  What were you doing during that time?


First rule (the ABCs) as a mage - Always Be Casting.  Refresh dots when moving, throw ice lances if there is nothing else to cast (i.e. FoF, BF, blink and blazing speed are down), teleport to where you need to get to, then stand still and keep flinging spells.


Also, don't bother with slowfall on the fight - just blink out of it to avoid the fall damage.

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