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Heroic Spoils Progression - Performance Evaluation

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Hello to all my respected fellow warlocks, I am currently starting heroic spoils progression and noticed that my dps was really bad for the few attempts that we got in today. I would very much appreciate it if I can get some feedback on my performance.


Here's a link to my logs:



Thank you in advance and have a great day! 

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Looking at the final wipe:


By the looks of things you cast one Chaos Bolt in a two and a half minute pull, and not a single Shadowburn.


Not one.


I'm seeing incinerate and FnB Incinerate as your main damage sources.


On how many targets are you trying to FnB? It really isn't advised on anything less than 4+, and even then you need a decent amount of crit to sustain it. I think at 10k haste my warlock needed 4-6 depending on dark soul/trinkets to make it smooth.


On Spoils you want to loosely work on the following priority


  • Shadowburn anything that hits 20% (get tidyplates, set it by health, and set low HP threshold to 20%. Also mouseover Havoc and Shadowburn macros).
  • Chaos Bolt to not cap embers.
  • Immolate the big adds and bosses
  • Keep Rain of Fire down on 2+ targets that aren't going to be immediately dragged across the room
  • Conflag/Incinerate as Filler. You can switch to FnB when there are quite a few targets, mainly when tank opens like 4 smalls in one go or something. FnB in this situation would be higher up in priority.

Wipe 4 and 6 were better, but still, doing 8M damage from Shadowburn in 9 minutes on Spoils of Pandaria is pretty low.


Not only will it boost your damage immediately from Shadowburn, but you also get more Chaos Bolts out of it via the ember refund.


Edit: Also need to use Havoc more, and you only used Dark Soul 3 times in 9 minutes. Use it on pull and as keep it aligned with PBI.

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Thank you very much for the feedback Liquidsteel. I figured as much about the shadowburn, I'll have to work hard not to run around like a headless chicken and just spamming incinerates. 

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