[US-Kil'jaeden][H] <Mÿth> 9/14H LF Lock & Heals for Heroic Progression

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Basic Info


Name: Mÿth (alt code for y umlaut is 0255)

Faction: Horde

Server: Kil’Jaeden

Times: Wed/Thurs 8:30-11:30 (P)ST, Sat 9-12 (P)ST

Style: Semi-hardcore



Heals - Resto Sham

DPS - Warlock


About Mÿth

Mÿth is a large guild on Kil’Jaeden that sports one of the best communities I’ve found in a guild to date. It’s quite large, with a roster of 900+, and there’s typically 20+ people online. It’s always easy to group up and do things with guildies. There are holiday parties, mount giveaways, RBGs, old raids, and more. Even if you’re not looking for raiding, I suggest that you join this guild as a casual, because it has a lot to offer.


About the raid team

This raid team started back in January. After a difficult period of low gearing and a nascent roster, we managed to pull through normal mode and began to progress through heroics. Unfortunately, our progress was held back by roster issues and inconsistencies. Our goal remains to clear heroic SoO before the next expansion launches, but more importantly to prepare ourselves for an expansion to 20-man for mythic. We are in search of skilled and dedicated players who seek to clear the most difficult content while it is current.


With this in mind, here are some requirements / expectations for team members

  • Non-toxic, positive attitude conducive to cooperative success


  • 99% attendance


  • Knowledge of how to play your class


  • Raid awareness


  • Item level of 570+ & legendary cloak


  • Addon: Raid Buff Status (so we don’t waste time having me remind everyone to recast any particular buff)


  • Addon: DBM (you have this already, right?)


  • That you have watched  and understood Fatboss guides for a boss before we attempt it


Food is provided during the raid via feasts or noodle carts; flasks and cooldown potions are available from the guild bank.


And a quick word on loot rules:

MS > OS free roll, with a mix of loot council. Basically we communicate about who needs what and assign loot accordingly; if needs are even, we roll on it.


The Application Process

First, add me via battletag @ Jake#1340. Then, once we’re in touch, I’ll conduct a brief vent interview. I’ll ask a few questions, and you can ask questions about the guild / team as well. If you’re on our realm, I’ll invite you to the guild. If you’re cross realm, transfer is not required until patch 6.0 anyways. First week will be trial week, and we’ll use that week to determine if you’re a match for the group.


Thanks for your interest.

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Next time, please consider updating and bumping your thread. You can easily change the title by hitting the 'Use Full Editor' button in the quick-edit window.

I'll be removing your other thread. If you need anything from that post, or if you have any other questions or concerns, just drop me a PM.

Thanks, and good luck in your search!

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