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WoW Reveal in Gaming World Magazine from 2001

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Here's a true blast from the past! We're going back to 2001 when World of Warcraft was revealed in a 10-page article in a Computer Gaming Worldl

Reddit user gopherpunch posted a bunch of images of the World of Warcraft article that you can find below.

The developers back in 2001 had a "no no list" with things that they didn't like from other MMORPGs that we wouldn't see in World of Warcraft. The list included no load times between zones, the need to camp for crucial monsters, too much downtime between battles, and more.  The article is well worth the read. Images courtesy of gopherpunch.






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It's really cool to see these early ideas every now and again, especially with how we've seen some of these realised later on. I wonder what they would've made Grim Batol and Kul Tiras to be like in vanilla.

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19 hours ago, Guz said:

Literally everything on that blizzard NO NO list made it into the game…

One man's NO-NO list is another man's milk cow
*ahem* Activision *ahem*

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