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blood dk mastery build

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1. No cap for mastery, as far as I know.

2. Mastery is always better for mitigation, but avoidance gives more dps.

3. Not entirely, but avoidance would give you more dps through Riposte.


If you want tips on doing more dps in blood, post logs, and we can see how well you use your abilities. Just keep in mind most Blood dps comes from Vengeance, just like every other tank. The less time you have tanking the boss, or adds, the less dps you're going to do, period.

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1.there is a general cap around 250% unbuffed where you should look for haste or other stats like parry.

2.avoidance is always better Imo any ilvl mastery gives so much survivability that it kinda just is no point, and i mean as a tank your job should be to tank without taking to much damage, at the point of where you don't take much damage your either either 1 focus on damage of 2 focus on things to help the raid which atm theres nothing you can help the raid with really as a tank stat wise atleast so it's better to start going for more damage

3.I mean blood dks who are mastery are gonna have like next to no damage no matter how much vengeance/skill you have i mean part of it could be rotation but realistically mastery offers no damage at all and even at vengeance cap you'll struggle to pull more then 400k i'd say where avoidance build you'd probably be pulling something like 600k maybe higher


Over all though i'd suggest going avoidance mastery is just pretty poor in alot cases dks being the worst damage tank (you could argue druids, and this or that fight dks are good... Maybe pallies) you should try and get as much damage out of your self without sacrificing all your survivability. (you could always go crit build:P not suggested tho)




Also you should get the tank meta game ^>^ or the dps one.



For the people wondering why i say 250% it's cause you get pretty close to 300% buffed and any more then that you rick capping sheilds very easily via using it more then once or like 5 stack deathstrike is like a 600k sheild figure you deathstrike once againr ight after you'll be at 900k figure you take a bit longer for runes okay deahtstrike again with 5 stacks since you had to wait awhile (assume that the shield only went down to 500k) if you deathstrike again you'll go over the cap of sheild 

depending on healthpool

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I'm mostly gonna just post my own setup since there's some pretty solid advice in the above posts. (Although I don't agree on the haste thing.)


1. I personally went for 200% raidbuffed and dumped rest into parry. I'm still feeling incredibly stable so I'm trying to drop more mastery for more parry. (And the healers haven't complained, so I'm guessing my gut feeling' correct biggrin.png )


2. Avoidance (parry > dodge) is pretty much good from any ilvl as long as you dont completely ignore mastery. Parry has some interaction with mastery due to parryhaste and the Scent of Blood mechanics, so I'd argue parry to be "the best" all around stat since it also contributes to riposte.


3. Don't get discouraged if your dps is low. As long as its enough to hold threat, it doesn't NEED to be higher. I myself have always found to be lacking in tank DPS against my warrior counterparts, but as long as theres no overaggro issues, the rest is just icing on the cake.


Here's my aromry link for reference.

(Ignore that haste gem in the 2nd ring. Forgot that in after some experiment I did.)

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A lot of us are playing avoidance builds now for the extra dps, but honestly in all of SoO there are only 2 fights where tank dps can actually make or break you. On Norushen being able to kill your add quickly and get back out to pick up the other adds and soak orbs makes the fight a lot easier, and on Seigecrafter you need to be able to kill the shredder before your stacks drop.


That's it, those are the only two fights where the tank is expected to kill something without any help from a dps.


Tank dps can be gained in a lot of different ways also. stacking avoidance helps by raising your crit, but whether you're stacking avoidance, or stacking mastery, the largest dps gain comes from vengeance. Ranking as a blood DK these days is 99% dependent on either solo tanking, or on the other tank letting you have the boss most of the time.


If the extra survivability from a mastery build would make the difference to solo tank fights like Immersius, Protectors, or Thokk then you would actually gain more dps from sticking with mastery.


There are also certain mechanics in some of the fights that you can purposely stand in for vengeance. Once again here, if you're playing a mastery build you'll be less of a liability on the healers if you're purposely taking extra damage to increase your vengeance.


It's all a trade off though, You just have to decide if you're more comfortable having more healing/absorbs with more control over them, or if you're ok with the rng nature of avoidance, but getting more dps in exchange. and also deciding how badly you want to increase your dps and if you're willing to solo tank and sometimes stand in mechanics just to get more dps.

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I will agree with storm about the vengeance thing but alot of crit makes vengeance even better :P but yeah idk i'm able to solo tank heroic thok in crit build going up to 25 stacks without any externals from healers my healers haven't complained and i seem to take the same amount of damage as the other tank who we normally have solo tank atleast damage per second wise but i mean idk it's kinda what ever floats your boat although i high still suggest avoidance if not crit build 



http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Drtain/advanced <-- my armory if anyone is wondering i may be in dps spec tho if I am sorry ^.^

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I'm in a similar situation. I'm running heroics 9/14 currently, haven't had any issues until the last couple weeks of July. I've noticed a severe aggro loss. For example on Malk the druid tank will taunt take his stacks then I taunt 5-10seconds later I realize he's got agro again. I've never had an issue like this and seems to just be with this druid tank. I'm not blaming him but i'm looking for reasons/possibilities how or why?  I'm currently running a mastery build as I've always ran, with no issues. My RL's are telling me I should update to avoidance, but I don't feel that is warranted or comfortable relying on rng. Thoughts? I see a lot of other DK's running the avoidance in other guilds which is making me doubt my build. Then I read other things that say it's fine.




Druid Tank



Last Weeks Log



I read this post also:


among a bunch others I can't get a real clear picture.


PS I'm not real big on grammar I know tongue.png


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It's really easy to lose aggro on taunt swaps on Malkorok. I've lost threat on him a few times, and I've taken threat back on him a few times. It's a really high vengeance fight so the other tank is going to have 5-10 seconds after a swap where they're still doing extremely high damage.

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If you have a paladin in your group you could ask him to throw the threat reducing hand (salvation?) on whichever of the tanks who is in danger of overaggroing.


In all honesty though, stopping your rotation down to autoattack or even stopping completely should be the way to go imo.

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