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Ashes Reborn LF Radiers!!!

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Looking to get back into raiding? Looking to move to a new Heroicly Progressive Guild? LOOK NO FURTHER! -Ashes Reborn- 8/8 Heroic on 10 man is now taking on for its new 25 man Progression Team! Ashes Reborn (EU based Horde Guild on Draenor) is now taking on DPS ONLY for MISTS OF PANDARIA!!!

Hello Users of ICY V! We at Ashes Reborn ''where'' making a secondary 10 man heroic team for MoP as we have had a lot of new / returning players rejoin us over the past few months and cannot give everyone a shot at the weekly full clears of FL HC and DS HC. Over the last week the descision has been made to roll Ashes into a 25 man Heroic raid team. After sorting out current fully geared full raiders we are in need of only 7 DPS to make this thing a go before the launch of mists and get some 25 man raids up and running before the 25th so we can hit mop head on. The 7 DPS needed are as follows (classes in bold are high priority)

2 x Melee. = Feral Cat / DK (frost of unholy) / Ret Pala.

5 x Ranged. = Hunter / Warlock / Balance Druid / S Priest / Shaman

A little bit about us - Ashes Reborn has been hitting the top 20 server rankings since cata launched grabbing various different numbers on the draenor tables. We have gone threw alot of changes threw the years but here we are for all to see going as strong as ever, recently Draenor has had an astonishing amount of top world class guilds join and the compotition is as hot as ever, even more so in the 25 man brackets. Draenor is one of the top Horde Servers in the EU, not only does it have the compotion and the progression but it also the talent to make it what it is. There is a great feel about this server as the guilds who fight it out amongst one another have the respect for one another.

What we can offer - We tailor for everything that comes with been in a Heroicly progressive guild. We provide a vent/website/Gbank with repairs/pots/flasks/food/enchants/profession matts and various other stuff that come with the usual aspect of been a full time raider! We are here to provide you with 3 solid raids a week and some damn good progression that goes along with it. At ashes we have a great social aspect, we are all friends and when we are not raiding we are either pvping or running dungeons and (if people need it) we even occasionally throw in the odd transmog run if there is nothing else on.

What we are looking for - We need players who are looking to get stuck into raiding and want the progression, if you are a returning player then you need to provide evidence of past raid expierence and content! We have a full hierachy of veteran players who know there class and who do thier researching of fights/spec and tacts, theory crafting is a must, you need to be on top of you game and allways bring your game face to raid! YOU MUST HAVE VENT AND A WORKING MIC! Its a big must as cummunication is vital when it comes to fights. Raids will be Monday's, Wednesday's and Thursdays 20:00PM till 23:00PM server time, or if your like me and live in the UK, 7 till 10!

So intrested? - Then what are you waiting for? Get an app in! Show us what youve got and what your made of! We want to hit the ground running with this come MOP, if we can get 7 players in before the 25th then we are going to start raiding DS HC and LF HC 25 Man. The more you wirte about yourself and the more you show us that you want to be a part of this, the better it looks when people look at your application.

Ashes Reborn - Draenor - WoW - Guild Hosting - Guild Launch <<< Go here and click apply, write about yourself and give us a link to your wow armoury so we can see what your all about! Make sure you log out in your PVE gear and have your guy set on what class/spec you wish to apply as!

P.S. Fell free to contact myself, Drúss, Kinkybootz, Scootypuffsr for a chat or any questions.

Thanks for reading.

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