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[US-Stormrage][A]<Outer Heaven>12/14HM LF exceptional DPS

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<Outer Heaven> on US-Stormrage is a relatively new progression raiding guild (We've been going strong since January!) looking to make a name for ourselves in WoD. We've recently decided to extend our lockout until Garrosh dies, so if you're 11/14H+/575+ and just want your Garrosh kill but your guild is stuck on Siegecrafter or wasting time farming old bosses each week, you might be a good fit for us. Since we're looking to extend our raid lockout, we're *only* looking for people with appropriate experience (11/14+) and gear (575+). Our strategy is...

Some background

We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 9PM EST - 12AM EST. We're also quite active on off-nights and play other games as a guild.

We're based on the Stormrage (PvE) server. According to WoWProgress we're the most populous server in the US, as well as having the highest Alliance population. There's basically no horde here. This means there will be queues when new content/expansions come out, but you'll have no problem finding trade chat pugs for your alts, Ordos/Celestial kills, etc.

We use a loot council to distribute loot. We feel this is the fairest means of distributing loot and base it around attendance, performance, and how big of an upgrade the item is. No loot system is perfect, but we try our best to be as fair as possible.

What we expect from you

Performance. We don't ask you to be the very best at your class, and do every single point of extra damage and healing that you possibly can, but at the same time, we ask that you understand your class, how to gear it, as well as the fight mechanics. We're a progression guild first and foremost, and if you can't prevent yourself from repeatedly dying to simple mechanics you will find your raid slot disappear.

Good attendance. Nowhere in our rules or charter do we ask for 100% attendance. At the same time, we insist that if you are going to miss a raid that you notify us ahead of time, or as early as you possibly can. If you don't show up for a raid night and don't say anything your raid spot will increasingly become in jeopardy.

Maturity. There's no age requirement to join <Outer Heaven>, but we do demand that you act like a mature individual and don't whine about loot, stir up petty drama, and can manage to not butt heads with people. If you have an issue with anyone, or how something in the guild works, then it is expected of you that you handle it like an adult. Similarly, if you get called out for messing up, doing bad DPS, etc., then it is expected of you that you take criticism constructively and improve.

Be social! We do a lot of activities as a guild ranging from challenge modes to flexes and even a normal alt run (We're looking to expand it to a 25m raid soon!). If you log on just to raid for the 9 hours a week we raid and don't do anything else what's the point of playing? MMO's are social games, so come on mumble with us, laugh a bit, hang out, and come do stuff with us. We're very welcoming and open, all you have to do is put in minimal effort and you'll become part of our community in virtually no time.

Recruitment needs (as of 7/3/2014)

Please be 575+ and at least 11/14HM experienced.

Paladin: Protection (N/A), Holy (Low), Retribution (Medium)
Monk: Brewmaster (N/A), Mistweaver (N/A), Windwalker (N/A)
Mage: (High)
Warlock: (Medium)
Warrior: Protection (N/A), Fury (N/A), Arms (N/A)
Druid: Guardian (N/A), Restoration (Medium), Feral (Medium), Balance (Medium)
Rogue: (N/A)
Priest: Discipline (N/A), Holy (N/A), Shadow (N/A)
Hunter: (High)
Death Knight: Blood (N/A), Frost (High), Unholy (N/A)
Shaman: Restoration (N/A), Enhancement (High), Elemental (High)

That being said, exceptional applicants are always encouraged to apply.



Contact us:

If you feel that you have what it takes and want to give it a shot then feel free to contact us at any of the following real-ids: Ziquan#1606, Optics#1806, Elzhi#1432, Kylesa#1922, Baddyrific#1368.

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