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WoW Esports Plans for 2022: Arena, MDI and Classic Schedules, Prize Pools and More

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Blizzard have detailed their plans for for 2022, which is also the 15th anniversary of WoW esports, talking about the Arena Championship, MDI and Classic Arena Tournament events, with over $1.8 million in prizes planned! You can check out the schedule, prize pools and more in the post below.

Blizzard Logo2022 Esports (Source)

With 2022 starting up, it’s time to make some plans for the new year. The WoW® Esports team is happy to share some of our exciting 2022 plans for Arena World Championship, Mythic Dungeon International, and Classic Arena Tournament!

In 2021, we sought to rethink and expand what competitive World of Warcraft® could mean with expanded Arena World Championship Cups, the new Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament, and the introduction of new formats to the Mythic Dungeon International. For 2022, our philosophy is to iterate and improve throughout the year to constantly expand on what makes WoW Esports a community that everyone can be proud to be a part of. With our planned changes and over $1.8 million (USD) in prizing across all three programs, 2022 is bound to be one of the best years for the competitive scene!

One of the main questions we have received from players during the pandemic has been when we are returning to live, on-site events. While qualifying tournaments and each regular season are going to remain online, we are targeting a return to an in-person event in Summer 2022 that encompasses the Shadowlands Season 3 championships for both AWC and MDI. A live tournament is incredibly important to both players and the entire WoW Esports team, and it’s our hope to come together once again in person to celebrate these programs.  Over the coming months we will have more news on the viability of this onsite event; whatever we decide will be with the sole intention of ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of everyone involved.

Read on for specifics on each program as competitive World of Warcraft returns for its fifteenth year!


World of Warcraft launched just over 17 years ago, and the Arena World Championship has proudly offered PvP competitors around the world the chance to prove they are the best for 15 years. AWC is starting 2022 off with its first season cups beginning on March 18, with signs up for Europe and North America open now!

Similar to last year, teams across North America and Europe will compete in four separate open Cups for $10,000 in weekly prizing per region and points to advance to the AWC Circuit!  The top eight point-earning teams from each region after the Cups will advance to the Circuit, a four-week round robin with a global prize pool of $320,000 (USD). Following the Circuit, the top four teams from each region will earn their spots in the Grand Finals and a shot at the $300,000 prize pool!

Following the conclusion of Season 3, we’ll share the schedule and details of the rest of 2022, including some new one-off events to test out ideas on further evolving competitive PvP.




For MDI Season 3, we are bringing back the Groups format from Season 2. Beginning today, dungeon-running teams can register for the season Time Trials starting March 30. The top 24 teams will advance to the season Groups, where they’ll race for their share of the $30,000 weekly prize pools and invites to the Global Finals. Along with the top team from China and the winner of the Season 3 Last Stand Tournament, the advancing teams will then compete for the title of Global Champions and the lion’s share of a $300,000 prize pool!

In 2021 we loved the introduction of The Great Push and are excited to bring it back in a bigger fashion in 2022. We will be conducting a multi-weekend mini-season of The Great Push awarding a further $210,000 in prizing after the conclusion of the MDI Global Finals for Season 3. We’ll share more details on more events and the leveled-up return of The Great Push later this year.



WoW Esports is returning to Burning Crusade Classic with CAT for Season 3!  Players across Europe and North America will form teams in this 3v3 tournament that will see the best fighters in Outland prove themselves worthy of taking home the heightened bounty of the combined $100,000 pool.

Sign-ups are now open until February 09, 2022 at 9:00 am Pacific time, with registration for Europe here and for North America here.


Looking Forward

After such a fun and exciting 2021, we cannot wait to get players back together and competing. Be sure to sign up for the AWC Cups, MDI Groups, and first CAT of the year on Gamebattles. We’ll have more to share as the year progresses so stay connected by following WoW Esports on Twitter and subscribing to the Warcraft YouTube channel.


Good luck and have fun!

For more in-depth WoW esports coverage, make sure to check out our sister site Upcomer

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    • By Starym
      The big announcement in the Race to World First that has been teased for a whole now has arrived, as current No.2 guild Limit have joined Team Liquid! After parting ways with Complexity a while ago, they have announced their new partnership with Team Liquid, one of the oldest and biggest esports organizations around.
      The guild is actually going to be renamed to Liquid, there will be a big Race to World First event for Sepulcher, and more, so read the official announcement, including Team Liquid quests with rewards!
      MMO fans, prepare yourselves—the worlds of Azeroth and Eorzea are squarely in our sights.
      We’ve spent many months preparing for this journey, setting ambitious goals and searching for experienced adventurers to join our party. In order to go where we’ve never gone before, limits MUST be surpassed, or in the case of this announcement, acquired.
      Have you guessed it by now? It is our absolute pleasure to announce that Limit Guild has become one with Team Liquid!
      Limit Guild is comprised of absolute legends and are the world’s #1 raiding World of Warcraft guild. If anyone can lead us to victory in the MMO space, it’s these folks, and we’re prepared to support them in every way possible. This announcement is part acquisition and part merger, as guild leader Max “Maximum” Smith has also become a co-owner of Team Liquid. From here moving forward, the Limit name shall graciously evolve into Liquid.
      The plans we have coming down the pipeline are quite exciting and many of them will unfold right before your eyes in multiple quests throughout this Experience.
      First, get to know our new team by watching them stream. Max himself will have an announcement stream on twitch.tv/limit_maximum, with giveaways and info on plans for the guild moving forward. The guild will also be streaming their play sessions. From speedruns to raid days, practice makes perfect and this hard work is the foundation to setting records.
      Then, the guild will be expanding past PvE and assembling their inaugural PvP Arena team! Who will make the roster? Check back next week and follow all the Liquid Guild channels to stay up to date.
      And for the grand finale, we’re participating in the Race to World First in WoW Patch 9.2! Any serious raiding team worth their salt has ambition to claim the genre’s greatest honor, and we’ll be streaming our attempt live on twitch.tv/teamliquid.
      As for the future? Now that we’ve joined forces with the best raiding guild around, we’re eager to make the MMO ecosystem a place infused with diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion. Liquid MMO General Manager Azorea will be spearheading the creation of an advisory council of women in the space, aimed at developing resources and strategies that enable more women to grow as expert players. Final Fantasy XIV content will also be in the works and who knows, we might be planning competitive dominion over Riot MMO worlds that have yet to be born…
      So are you ready to join Liquid for this new MMO chapter?
      Adventure is guaranteed, and a chance at rare Liquid loot is within your grasp if you manage to complete all the quests.
        P.S. This Experience and its quests extend through our points reset. Any points earned from completing quests prior to January 31 at 9 a.m. PST WILL NOT carry over into Season 2, so plan accordingly.
      Complete the following quests:
      Limit Becomes Liquid It's Time to Raid [Coming Soon] Building the PvP Squad [Coming Soon] The Race to World First and the Liquid Game Guide When?
      Complete the quests by March 14. (Note: this date may be extended as the World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.2 Patch release date has not yet been announced)
      Liquid Prize?
      2x Grand Prize
      Mythic Carry for mount drop  Jersey signed by Liquid Guild members 50,000 Liquid+ Spending Points 8x Second Prize
      Heroic Carry for achievement/mount (fulfilled 6 weeks+ after RWF) Jersey signed by Liquid Guild officers 25,0000 Liquid+ Spending Points 15x Third Prize
      $20 Battle.net Balance (or your local currency) 10,000 Liquid+ Spending Points Note: To be eligible for the grand or second prizes, you must agree to have a level 60 Horde character on Illidan-US in time for these carries.
      Team Liquid is also planning a big Race to World First event for the Sepulcher of the First Ones, so the next race is going to be something really special! You can check out the official announcement and how to complete the quests for the rewards over on Team Liquid's page.
      You can also follow along with the announcement over at Limit GM Max's stream live right now:

    • By Starym
      The final Mythic boss to be tested on the PTR (well, hopefully, we don't really know for 100% sure yet) has had his day and the reactions from top guilds are overwhelmingly positive, so Anduin may go down in raid boss history as an honorary endboss, even if he's only the 8th of 10. The other boss tested yesterday was Halondrus, and he's more of a cautionary tale of the rough state some bosses can be on the PTR, as he was basically just doing really weird and random things that didn't make sense.
      Here's what the top raiders (whose streams aren't available, for RWF reasons) had to say about the final two bosses tested, with Rogerbrown hitting upon a pretty well founded fear for the final 3 bosses:
      And then we're on to the actual testing videos, starting with Kalamazi's intro and explanation of both fights:
      Then we have another PoV from Riggnaros:
      And finally we have the full testing of both bosses from Dratnos:

    • By Stan
      Rextroy's latest Enhancement Shaman one-shot's built around the broken Ride the Lightning PvP talent and a Chain Lightning modifier that increases the damage of Chain Lightning by 2,735%. 
      Here's some background information from Rextroy.
      This whole combo, is built around two broken things about the PvP talent "Ride the Lightning" for Enhancement Shamans.
      The first thing about it, is that it's a raid boss ability being cast, not the actual Chain Lightning that shamans usually have. The reason I say this is because every single jump in the chain, increases the damage by 50%. Which is typical for the chain lightning that most raid instance NPCs to use.
      The second broken thing about it, is that it will be boosted by EVERY single Chain lightning modifier, which includes Maelstrom Weapon, Stormkeeper aswell as 50% from the Chains of Devastation Legendary. The usual Chain Lightning won't be able to consume both Maelstrom and Stormkeeper at the same time!
      This gives the Chain Lightning a total damage boost of...
      125% from the chain 110% from Maelstrom 300% from Stormkeeper 50% from Legendary For a total of 2735%, if I am not mistaken! This is not even including all the main stat increases we are able to obtain.
      The hard part of the combo, is to make the main target be hit by the third jump of the lightning. To make this possible, we took advantage of Gently Squeezed Toads.
      We summoned one, as we were running towards our target, and a second one as we reached them! Just intime for the cooldown to be ready... In order to sneak upon the enemy, without them noticing us, we took advantage of the Precious Bloodthorn Loop, one of the most fun items in WoW!
      We did stumble upon a few issues, such as the chain sometimes hitting the enemy on the second jump, instead of the third. This was solved by standing on the toad to make sure they always jumped to each other first.
      The second issue was that Stormkeeper will be lowered to 230% in PvP. If we wanted the full benefit, we needed the Chain Lightning to be the first thing that happened to the enemy.
      Even with the Stormkeeper reduction, the damage was about 60k. Which was enough to one shot almost everyone!
      So to make the combo more reliable, with a higher crit chance, I made sure to auto hit the enemy before the chain lightning. This gave me the First Strike soulbind, for 25% additional Crit!
      I hope you all enjoyed the video!
      Here's the Enhancement Shaman one-shot in action.
    • By Stan
      In this post, we recap all Paladin changes that went live on the 9.2 PTR in the most recent build.
      Holy Shock - Triggers a burst of Light on the target, dealing [ 77% 68% of Spell Power ] Holy damage to an enemy, or [ 155% of Spell Power ] healing to an ally. Has an additional 30% critical effect chance. This is the tooltip change according to WoWDB. However, on the 9.2 PTR, the ability saw a 12% damage reduction. Holy
      Holy Paladin (Spec Aura) Decreases damage/healing by 10% 20%: Judgment Avenging Wrath has been nerfed by 10% due to the removal of Rank 3 Avenging Wrath. Hammer of Wrath damage reduced by 12%. Judgment damage reduced by 12%. Holy Shock damage reduced by 12%. Covenant Abilities
      Ashen Hallow (Venthyr) - Hallow the target area for 30 sec. Enemies in the area suffer up to [ 330% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage, and allies are healed for up to [ 252% 216% of Spell Power ], reduced if there are more than 0 targets. This is the tooltip change according to WoWDB. However, on the 9.2 PTR, the ability saw a 12% damage reduction. Thanks to @Urthearsofor double checking the changes.
    • By Stan
      Blizzard added new catch-up BoA catch-up tokens to Zereth Mortis. They cost Anima and can be sent over to alts.
      The following tokens are available for purchase from Hadja in Haven. They cost 500 Anima each and cover all slots except for the "Neck" and "Trinket" slots.
      Broker's Chestpiece Broker's Boots Broker's Bracers Broker's Cloak Broker's Helm Broker's Gloves Broker's Legguards Broker's Weaponry Broker's Shoulders Broker's Boots Broker's Belt Broker's Accessory
      The vendor can be found in Haven. Simply, "/target Hadja" to find the Enlightened Provisioner.
      Zereth Mortis also comes with item level 246 catch-up gear for non-raiders and players who don't do Mythic+.
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