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Starting Alliance Tanking

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I read alot of people who want to start tanking and sometimes see debates about which tank is best. Having played all of them I would say each has its strengths and weaknesses. But I would like to offer my observations on which race seems to work best for each tank. 

First off racials are relatively minor. But with that said I have found some race class combos wok the best for me  And as tanks small differences have somewhat outsized effects.. I have tried to take a balanced approach to RP aspects and straight ablities. I thought I would pass along my thoughts.


Druid- for me is Night Elf only.  Not only are they the original alliance Druids but the bonus 2% dodge only adds to the strength of the class.


DK- Worgon- For me the best ability is Darkflight. As the biggest weakness of the class as a tank is its lack of mobility. Aberration is the best of the the various resistances. And aids in some damage smoothing for a class that needs it. Also the somewhat "evil" feeling class and races meet.    From a dps perpective the crit is very nice as DK's also have the best overall AOE for tanks.


Paladin-  All the races are viable. But as a Human Every Man for Himself seems to fill a large hole in the Paladin defensive abilities. THe expertise bonus is also very usefull.  From a RP perspective Diplomacy seems to really match up well with the classical Paladin Idea.


Warrior- I tried almost all the various races(minus gnome) as a tank. I found Draenei to me to overall be the best. Heroic Presence allows for its hit bonus without regard for weapon type. Which simplifies choices. The biggest weakness of the class to me is the lack of healing. So Gift of the Naaru (especially with last stand). fills a nice whole in the class. Also as the largest of the Alliance models Draenei to me seem to be the best overall Warrior.


Monk- I have to admit for me this was the hardest. Humans/Gnomes did not seem to offer much. Pandas do offer alot and seem to have been made for the class but I wanted to concentrate on Alliance only races. That leaves 3 choices. And while all 3 have strong offerings. I decided with Dwarf for two reasons

First Is that Monks tend to take high damage. And that stoneform offered the best ability overall to help mitigate it. Also the lore of Brewmaster and Dwarf seemed to go together



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