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Ret paladin looking for advice

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Hey guys, as the topic states, I'm looking for advance on where I can clean up some of my rotation and cooldowns


My guilds working on siegecrafter and they have me on belt (H-25man)


wondering if theres anything I'm doing wrong/could improve on.


I run CLCret with the DS 4 set T16 rotation 



Logs: fights Immer-spoils


 http://www.warcraftl...RZ1HzFhmLNybAac all 31 wipes on Siegecrafter lol



**These logs should be viewable, they're from our guild website but should be public.



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for those getting a wrong turn on the 2nd link try this:


Btw if you think you're doing something wrong because of low DPS, that's not the case, ret is great for belts because of CD line-up, but it'll put you low on the charts. I'll have to take a closer look tomorrow, but you don't need to worry about DPS during a progression fight, until you see that DPS is an issue.

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for those getting a wrong turn on the 2nd link try this:


Btw if you think you're doing something wrong because of low DPS, that's not the case, ret is great for belts because of CD line-up, but it'll put you low on the charts. I'll have to take a closer look tomorrow, but you don't need to worry about DPS during a progression fight, until you see that DPS is an issue.

Thanks for catching that, I edited that link to what you posted.


I'm not worried that it's low, but im trying to pick up slack on for the other members of the raid. I know overall it will look low, I always have my skada set to damage done to the target on belts biggrin.png

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I have taken a look at your profile and recognized that your stats are not optimal balanced.


There is a soft cap for haste at 17k (40%). So if you are not trying to reach the 50% cap (- which is inadviceable imho) you should gem and reforge into mastery by lowering hit and haste to the cap.


Maybe you will find useful for that.


Edit: Congrats on Thok smile.png

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I tried to watch the replay to see what your movement looks like but it cuts off a lot during the belt transition. Some use-cases I found when DPS'ing on Siege/Belts was the following:


  • Find the best timing to leave the boss and take the lock portal to the pipes for belts
  • If you can find a good trick to use Speed of Light off the belt after your target dies, this will help with your run back to Siege to maximize DPS.
  • After sometime you'll realize you can exit the belts a little early since the DoT's and Hunters can use their range abilities to finish off the belt while you exit and make the run back.
  • Figure out if you can save a CD on the belt and use it on Siege (This is a very dynamic and should be discussed with your other DPS)


These are all little tricks to help out and shouldn't be done selfishly. Discuss this over with your belt group and see what works best for your situation. Obviously the raiders that stay on the boss the whole time will pull bigger numbers and your job is to just "help" with DPS on siege, don't try to boil the ocean and be sure to focus on your own task first since this is a very important individually responsible fight.

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Maybe pull some magic with Wings slowfall to last a few seconds after belt is done so you can speed of light slowfall to the main platform instead of waiting to be pulled off? :P no idea how useful it is since I don't play ret, sounds kinda fun

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Yeah, I definitely do use AskmrRobot, I purchased the premium version, unfortunately I have too many hit items and cannot go below 8.9~ % so its an itemization issue i'll need to work on. 


Is there a more updated CLC ret rotation I use? or is it more ideal to know a rotation and just follow that?



I completely understand my numbers OVERALL are going to be low, I always look at my numbers towards the belt targets we are killing and they feel a bit underwhelming.


I have my exe sentence macro'd with my synapse springs, will it snapshot correctly if i have it set as:


/use 11


/cast exe sentence

(not what the macro is but you get the idea)

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Just learn and understand your priorities and execute that appropriately. CLCret discourages actually understanding the class in favour of playing guitar hero, leading to people plateauing out prematurely.

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