Discipline Priests in S15

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Hi Guys,

I recently became bored with PvE and began working on BG's and 3's with my priest. I dinged him to 90, bought a full set of crafted + converted JP to honor for trinkets. It was tough at first, but I'm getting close to indestructable in BG's against even groups of unorganized horde. Arena I'm struggling. Playing War + Hunter + Disc, and winning probably 50% of the time (I'm in half prideful - dps are full prideful), around 1500 MMR. My question is - I have a terrifically hard time surviving either a 2 dps or 3 dps team opening burst / hard swap. I'll typically pain suppression myself + already have a shield up - use a trinket if I'm in real danger, and then use a PoM + Inner Focus + Flash Heal combo (200k+ 1.5 second heal) followed by a penance.


What's really frustrating me is that a lot of times - I never even get a chance to cast a spell. I'll literally be caught in a 18-25 second stun/stunlock/fear chain, and just die. Does anyone have any tips? LoS and pillar humping not the issue - this is typically on a stealth opener team (rogue + hunter + feral or some similar combo), and I'm already pillar humping. 


I know gear is part of it (I can't link armory, my work blocks it) - it's Tranquile-Proudmoore. Thanks in advance.

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Here is some fast solutions I could think of that could help:

If you are being CC chained (and Trinket is on CD), the only thing that could help you are your teammates. Your team should "peel off" your attackers so that their healer can survive.



If a rogue/druid opens with their stuns, he can Intervene/Safeguard to you and use Intimidating Shout. He should have a macro to:

/target Tranquile

/cast Intervene

I've seen many warriors forgetting to even bind&use this.


Other talents/spells to help with your survival are: ability_warrior_vigilance.jpgVigilance, ability_shockwave.jpgHamstring and spell_shadow_deathscream.jpgPiercing Howl



They have such nice Crowd controls. Scatter shot+Freezing Trap one target, and inv_spear_02.jpgWyvern Sting the other. One of the most irritating abilities a hunter has is the glyphed spell_arcane_blink.jpgDistracting Shot


Be sure to use spell_priest_voidshift.jpgVoid Shift when falling below the 25% mark. A great target to use it on is the warrior, since he has nice defensive cooldowns. Just make sure to inform him you are going to use it so he is prepared to go Defensive.

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Thanks, those are very good tips. They are both very aggressive players - I've found that if I can survive the burst, we ALWAYS win a match. I will make these suggestions, thanks again. I know more gear will help as well.

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