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cant seem to paste in this box looking for dps tips what are main things wrong.sldo just recently got the bboy trinket so still trying to get the timeing down for cb with this trinket.


EDIT: I put the link in your post. -Zagam

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Look at this graph.


Turn off Incinerate casts when you open it by clicking it's row in the chart below. The bright green lines are your Chaos Bolt casts, both cast start and cast finish. Most of the time you're only dumping one ember whenever you have a buff or proc up. Even in your opener, you only managed two Chaos Bolts in the first 20 seconds.


Now look at this graph.


You even manage to cap out on embers at one point in the fight. You're simply not dumping your embers when you have procs or CDs very well.


The basics of playing destro are holding embers and only burning one at a time to avoid capping until you get a proc or CDs and then blowing your load on the boss. You're not really doing that at all.

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