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Guest island token

Seriously, 11 ice pillars spawn on a daily reset. 11 per day that is. You need to deal the exact amount of dmg as the pillar has HP left. Meaning, you do 101 and the pillar has 100 HP it breaks and you get nothing.

As there's only 11 of these spawning once per day, you'd think you have 11 chances, but no. There's tons of players swooping onto the island every day at reset. However, this isn't even the worst part. The worst part is, almost every single day there is atleast one or two players that's either unaware of how it works, or they're only doing it for the *filtered* and giggles. These players run up on the pillars, hit them until they break, then move on to the next pillar and so on.

It's pretty much impossible to obtain the island token at this point.. please make more often resets.

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