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Low DPS - Please help

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For my ilvl my DPS is rubbish and was hoping for some pointers to improve it?


I have read all the guides on icy-viens and got the great weak aura to track GC.


I know you don't care about the sob story ;-), but I was tank for a guild that now has stopped raiding.  I have found a new home but as a DPS, as not many guilds looking for a tank at this stage in the expansion.


because of being inexperience and also getting distracted in encounters, I believe that I am going off rotation and therefore my DPS fails, then find it hard to get back on track.


I am considering going Arms, for the simpler rotation, I know DPS will be low, but can't be any lower then it is...


Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!







Thank you


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Good evening!


I'm going to give you what I personally find with these logs and perhaps it can help you out. The first thing I'm going to point out is that I'm reviewing your Iron Juggernaut kill as opposed to the Sha of Pride kill you linked. This is because I view Iron Juggernaut as a fight that's, for all general purposes, this tier's "Patchwerk".


With that being said, here's my observations:


The first thing is your spell_nature_bloodlust.jpgBloodthirst usage. In a 3:55 fight, you potentially have the chance to use it 52 times. You only used it 28 times. With this being your primary source of maintaining your spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.jpgEnrage uptime, you only used 53% of it's availability.


As can be expected with that point, your Enrage uptime was only 63.43% and that could've been up much longer throughout the fight.


The next thing we can look at is your warrior_wild_strike.jpgRaging Blow gains and uses. You gained the buff 29 times and used it 28 times. This is actually pretty good. The lack of using the 1 gained can come from anything; such as the boss dieing while you had the buff or, more commonly, using Bloodthirst while you have 2 stacks of Raging Blow already. Naturally, with more Bloodthirst usage you will get more Raging Blow usage... which will be more damage.


Moving on, I notice your ability_warrior_colossussmash.jpgColossus Smash usage. In your given fight it could've been used 11 times and you used it 9 times. The big gap I see is between 2:02 and 3:08. You didn't die in this fight so I wonder what caused the miss here.


Following up after Colossus Smash, we have warrior_talent_icon_stormbolt.jpgStorm Bolt. It seems you used this ability within each Colossus Smash window but, again, it was missed twice (Same lineup as your Colossus Smash window).


Lastly, yourability_warrior_bladestorm.jpgBladestorm usage seems a little low. I'm not sure the exact number of times you could've gotten this off but 14 times seems a little low with your inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_11.jpgEvil Eye of Galakras. Personally I use the normal version of this trinket and, in a 4:11 fight I was able to cast it 21 times. (Log report).


Something else I noticed while viewing your armory... you will want to replace yourinv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_06.jpgSkeer's Bloodsoaked Talisman. Ideally you'll want a inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_03.jpgThok's Tail Tip - and honestly - probably any version will be better than Skeer's. (I may be wrong here as I haven't done the simulated math behind the two but you can use SimulationCraft to find out for sure.)






Another thing to note is wasted rage. On this fight you can see that you wasted 124 rage gained which, when compared to the rage gained, comes out to 14% wasted.






All this being said, I'd focus on your rotation before anything else. @ragebarr will probably give his opinion on the matter, too, if I've missed anything.


I hope this helps and, if you have any questions or concerns regarding what I've posted... feel free to ask.

Edited by Sajakain

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Thank you Sajakain!


For taking the time and the quick reply.


I am trying to get rid of that trinket and good second 2H weapon, but as always when you want something, it will never drop or coin it. ;-)


I will focus more on rotation and make sure to be using BT more.




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