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DPS isn't up to par for my ilvl help please

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I have noticed that in more recent times, my dps is not up to par for my ilvl, and it is really showing for garrosh progression, and I was hoping that someone would be able to pick apart what it might be that I am doing wrong, and if there are things that I am doing right, what it is so I can keep doing it. It would be greatly appreciated if one of you guys can take the time out of your day to assist me, as I think I really need the assistance, Thanks in advance ~Ihaveashoe.

My armoury-http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dreadmaul/Ihaveashoe/simple

My last Normal Garrosh kill- http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8RcHmbxjrVBvwTY4/#type=damage-done&source=8&view=events

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Good afternoon! Let's get started on your request.




First thing is your weapons - specifically their enchants. It seems, according to your armory, you have each enchanted with inv_misc_enchantedscroll.jpgEnchant Weapon - Windsong. You need to switch these out for inv_misc_enchantedscroll.jpgEnchant Weapon - Dancing Steel. I'll quote the Fury Warrior Guide on MMO-Champion as to why:


So the theory behind this was that the Crit proc Windsong was better than having another dancing steel and the other two stats from Windsong were “a cherry on the top”, but unfortunately this isn’t true. With the new functionality of RPPM each RPPM can proc off of any move, regardless of which hand it’s on I.E. an off-hand move (wild strike) can proc a Main hand enchant and Each enchant has its own separate ID (so an off hand wont override a Main hand proc), which means there isn’t anything inhibiting the use of a doubled up enchant. So if the crit from Windsong was better than a second Dancing Steel, you would roll double Windsong instead. When the first iteration of RPPM came out this was the right way to go (each weapon enchant shared the same buff), Windsong is no longer an optimal enchant for a DPS warrior. The only reason to use it is if one cannot afford Dancing Steel, at the cost of sacrificing DPS.


Just continuing from your armory... I was curious as to what Mr. Robot would say about your gems, enchants, and reforging. As expected, there are some recommendations to be made as far as changing some gems, enchants, and reforges. However... at your item level I would recommend running yourself through SimulationCraft and getting your personal stat weights before getting too deep into what Mr. Robot says. To ensure you get the correct results, I would optimize your character to the default weights and then Sim yourself for the custom weights.


As a final, very optional note, I would also recommend changing out ability_hunter_harass.jpgSecond Wind for spell_impending_victory.jpgImpending Victory. While this won't change things dramatically, it does give you an extra ability to use in those few times you really have nothing else to do in the addition of giving you a controlled self-heal.




Now let's look at the log.




In a fight that lasts 6:15 (375 seconds), you should be able to use Bloodthirst roughly 83 times. In this log you only used it 56 times. BT manages your warrior_wild_strike.jpgRaging Blow procs and your spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.jpgEnrage up time.


ability_warrior_colossussmash.jpgColossus Smash:


You could have used this ability 18 times, total, and you used it 16 times. You're doing this right, only missing one here or there. I presume you were waiting on cooldowns to use them or was going through a phase change, etc.


warrior_wild_strike.jpgRaging Blow:


You gained this buff 62 times and used it 59 times. Most likely you used Bloodthirst / Berserker Rage while you still had 2 stacks available. Or you could have simply let the buff expire before using the ability. Either way, 3 misses isn't horrible; you seem to be on top of this, too.


warrior_talent_icon_stormbolt.jpgStorm Bolt:


Within 16 Colossus Smash windows you used Storm Bolt 16 times. Excellent!




Honestly, I am unsure how to go about getting the precise number of usage anyone should get out of this when they're using any form of inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_11.jpgEvil Eye of Galakras. (Curse you, btw, for having the HWF version! lol ). Simply put, you cast it 7 times which, given the length of the fight, is probably dead on. Obviously, in any given fight there will be optimal times of using this ability as opposed to using it right when it's available; such as Mind Control on Garrosh.


warrior_skullbanner.jpgSkull Banner / ability_criticalstrike.jpgRecklessness:


You used these consistently within the length of the fight: 3 times respectively. (Even using Skull Banner 4 seconds before the fight was over, lol ).




The last thing I'll go over is actually pretty big. It's your rage gain / wasted. In this fight you had a Raw Gain of 2,148 Rage gained. You wasted 413 of it for an actual gain of 1,735. This comes out to 19% being wasted. That, my friend, is a lot.


Rage can easily be dumped with ability_rogue_ambush.jpgHeroic Strike and spell_warrior_wildstrike.jpgWild Strike. Looking at your usage of these two abilities, you're doing it right by the book - Heroic Strike within Colossus Smash and Wildstrike outside of it, most during a ability_warrior_bloodsurge.jpgBloodsurge proc.


At your item level, and considering your 2-PC Set Bonus, ability_warrior_charge.jpgColossal Rage, you should be able to be more liberal with your rage by using that first Raging Blow proc you get or staying at a low-to-mid levels in your rage by using Wildstrike more often (outside of your Bloodsurge procs). In any event... 19% is extremely high (even for me!) and this is something I'd really focus on.




Overall, you're doing things right with really only a few things to work on. I hope this helps out out and, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck on Heroic Garrosh! (I wish I was pulling Heroic Garrosh.... lmao)

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I'll add regarding Shoes problem:


I am a 580 Lock who raids with him. I constantly outdps him on every fight. This bothers us, as I'm playing far from optimally.. And our raid group would love to dish out more dps.


I'll Poke Shoe so that he replies to your message.

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