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Razer Orbweaver Users?

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If you are using an Orbweaver how have you set it up for yourself?   I've been using mine for several months now, it was my first gaming keypad.  I went with a very simple setup and I'm really only using the lower 2 rows of keys. 


I have turned the keys 16-20 into 1-5,   and 11-15 into  6-9+Tab.   My action bars and key binds are basically 1-9 with a few Alt keys assigned to buttons on the same rows,.    If any of that makes sense you'll see it's a very basic setup. It lets me perform simple rotation but not much else. I do not use the keypad for moving as I do all my movement with the mouse now or 99% of it.  


I feel there is so much more I could be doing with the Orbwearver but I'm just now sure where to go with it.   


How are you using yours, how is yours setup?  Any great setups specific to Destruction Warlock or Ret Pally?  

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