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How to Melee elites and bosses?

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To make it short : how am I supposed to melee Elites and bosses while standing on their desecrations/frost orb/frozen pulse/poison/arcane orb and so on?

To make it long: I leveled my wizard, my Witch Doctor and my demon hunter to Torment 16. When the mobs cast one of their 4 affixes I just move away and continue to fight from there.

Now I am trying to level a crusader and a monk and my oh my... I can kill horde of trashes in a single hit, but as soon as a group of elites arrives, I am good for a 20 minutes fight or a 15-seconds-before-you-die thing.

Unlike my ranged class, I need to stay toe-to-toe with the enemies who launch all their stuff under my feet. I can't run back to avoid those things because they just stay there (is it my Templar who taunt them?). 

Even a few non-boss enemies kill me in a second: those mosquitoes spitting smaller mosquitoes, or the tongue-pitching ones are good examples.

I reforged all my gear to maximize vitality, I am only using vitality gems. I still get crush!

Obviously, I am doing something wrong : what is it?


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The strength classes already take much less damage (30%) compared to INT or DEX classes. Considering it a "melee" class is somewhat clunky though - my WD fights at closer range than my Barb 😅

Honestly, though, unless you're using items to render you immune, the lesson is always: don't go stand in those things. They will kill you. Just like Molten explosions, those things WILL kill. 

One big thing to check is your resistances - more health will not help, you need to balance out your resistances with your armor. INT classes get lots of resistance and crappy armor, STR classes the other way around. DEX classes get armor (but not as much as the STR classes somehow) and more dodge, usually. 

And as for your Templar - yes, with an STR class you're usually (generalizing here of course) better off with one of the others for crowd control instead of him.

Oh, and those wasps shooting wasps? Yeah, they just need to die in a fire 😄

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