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Heroic warlock DPS help/review

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I will start this out as, I am not a new lock, nor do I (think) I need major help, just some tips to help push me to where I could/should be at.


This is my lock, although 577 now, these logs were done before I got this malkorok (ew) belt. I was 574 at the time. I play destruction/affliction hybrid, as a lot of locks do.




The logs are:



Immereus through malk wipes






My main questions are:


1. What do I do right, so I can continue doing this?


2. What are the main things I can change to improve myself?


3. Any minor tips for certain fights?


4. How close am I to where I should/could be with a, at the time, 574 ilvl?


5. Protectors specific help? I died half way through that kill, so the end dps is awful, but to compare, last week I did 705kish, which you may be able to find in our recent logs.

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nor do I (think) I need major help







Armory looks fine, a little over hit but not enough to care.


Iron Jug: [url=http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ANV4hmK2LZz9tyWb#fight=12&type=casts&source=10&pins=0%24Separate%24%23244F4B%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Warlock%24true%24126742042.0.0.Warlock%24false%24113858%5E0%24Separate%24%23909049%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Warlock%24true%24126742042.0.0.Warlock%24false%24146202%5E0%24Separate%24%23a04D8A%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Warlock%24true%24126742042.0.0.Warlock%24false%24146046&ability=116858]Graph showing buffs and CB casts[/url] Mostly fine, could have been better, the end is what I want to point out most though. You only cast one Shadowburn, opting to cast CB instead when the boss was under 20% until the very end when you finally cast the one SB. SB>CB. 

Immolate was a little low but seeing that you use the in and out strat for IJ it's fine. Missed your pre-pot. GoSup Imp FTW. 


Sha of Pride Same graph, new fight Worse then IJ but not majorly bad, note the 1min mark and right before Blood Lust. Havoc was good. Graph showing your Immolate uptime See that big gap? Doesn't line up with a Banishment or a Prison, just a derp gap. Five Rifts, nice job - tell Zyniao to get off his ass and to grab some more damn rifts. 


Overall your damage is on target, you should feel good about it. The minor issues I pointed out are easy to fix.

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I know we've discussed this before, but Locky you run quite high crit, whereas myself I stick to my 15k+ haste which I use for Demo and Affliction. The OP is kind of in the middle.


Personal results have always been highest when I've used Chaos Bolt > Shadowburn with no crit procs up. If I have Dark Soul or 4pc up then I'll always go for Shadowburn, but with less than 5k crit I find if I don't follow these rules then most of my Shadowburns won't crit, resulting in pretty lame damage return for my ember.


The decision making is usually on the fly, but if I get a trinket proc I can generally game a 4pc buff anyway and go with Shadowburn, but there are time's I'll have 3 embers and BBoY procs, and have 4pc about to fade. In these situations I'd likely fire off 2 Chaos Bolts and finish with a Shadowburn at 10 stacks. Even more so if I have a haste proc up.

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If you want to nit pick, fine.


The one ShadowBurn note that it was cast after Wrath had fallen off so this is literally a totally non-empowered SB for 742,648, also note that this did not crit.


Earlier in the fight we can find a non-empowered CB like the one shown here that did 894,845. Since he is using GoSup there is no DoT afterward.


894,845-742,648 = 152,197 damage.


Boss hit 20% at about 4:10, there were 4 CBs casted after that. Two with PBI and DS, one at a 4 stack Wrath and another at a 7 stack. 10.01 mil damage done total, 1.7mil damage average per CB. 


CB casts were 1.76,1.72, 2.28, 2.21 seconds. Average 1.9925seconds.


28% base crit (with raid buff that I assume he had) for the first two gives him an almost 1 in 3 chance to crit, with Ember Master for the last two he would have had a 43% crit so very good odds that at least one of those last two would have crit. Lets say that fate really wanted to piss on him though and NONE of these crit, even though statistically speaking the odds are that at least two or more of them would have, he would have done about 5mil damage with those 4 SBs. Shadowburn has a 1.5 GCD, lower because of his haste but lets make math easy and call it 1.5. That's still almost a full half second less then what he spent on average per CB, gaining him at least 2 seconds of other spells.


The math I would need to do to tell what the damage would have been of those four CBs had been SBs with those buffs is far more time and work then I am willing to commit to this, for my easy math lets say that the SB had no buffs and were only the 742,648 non-empowered ones like before and did a little under 3 mil, lets call the buffs an extra 2mil - even though if my napkin math is right it would have been a good bit more then 2 mil, and lets ignore the 2 second gain from the different cast/GCD times he still would have done at most 5mil damage less out of a 106.7mil parse for a total loss of 4.72% or 16,000 eDPS, again those numbers are greatly undervaluing the Shadowburns.




I don't get out of bed for less then a 5% gain. 


If I really fleshed out the math I would lay dollars to donuts that his 4 SBs would have done closer to 7.5-9mil damage. 


The DPS gain/loss from CB Vs. SB is so freaking small that for the dozens of people that I audit logs for weekly I simply won't waste their time or mine with such excruciating minor DPS gains as this *might* be when there are real issues to address, like DoT uptime, basic buff usage, pre-pots, havoc, or a host of other game play concerns.


But thanks for your input.

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I didn't mean to cause offence or call you out if that's how you took it, it's just something I've noticed and been toying around with a lot with regard to how high my crit percentage is, I even have one of my datatexts on ElvUI set to crit % so I can see.


I agree that it's inconsequential when dealing with players who have other, much larger issues to fix, but it's still a rather interesting and unexplored subject.


Anyway I'll leave it be :)

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I'd also like to point out your serious lack of SB on galakras and spoils.


As well as not using havoc as much as you could.


For reference, one of my better galakras kills has nearly 70 SBs compared to your 16.

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