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Official Preview of Protoform Synthesis in Patch 9.2

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Players will be able to craft mounts and battle pets in Patch 9.2 through a system called Protoform Synthesis that is very similar to Mechagon Crafting. Find out more about the system in the official preview!

Blizzard Logo(Source)

The Forge of the Afterlives is a powerful instrument of creation and all that remains of the First Ones. Just as it creates new realms for the Shadowlands, Synthesis Forges have been used to create the entities that populate those realms. With reagents collected as you explore Zereth Mortis, you’ll be able to start crafting some Zereth Mortis-themed mounts and battle pets.

There are over fifty mounts and battle pets to add to your collection, and each requires components gathered from across Zereth Mortis to craft. Crafting components are easy to distinguish and labeled with Protoform Synthesis, but you’ll first need to unlock one or both Synthesis Forges to see and collect any of these components and schematics.


To begin crafting mounts and pets, you’ll first need to finish Chapter 3 of the Eternity’s End campaign to unlock the Cyphers of the First Ones. After you’ve researched enough of the mysterious language to gain the Daelic Understanding talent, Pocopoc will gladly offer you the Protoform Synthesis quest and set you on your way.

It’s Time to Synthesize!


Bring on the Battle Pets

Synthesizing pets begins with the Protoform Synthesis quest where you’ll traverse Zereth Mortis to the first Synthesis Forge located in the Droning Precipice. There you will find the first Synthesis Forge hovering in the room.

Fortunately, several battle pet schematics—the Archetypes of various concepts, such as Archetype of Malice or Archetype of Satisfaction—will be immediately accessible in the forge. Other companions will only be available to craft once you find their schematics while adventuring around Zereth Mortis.


Time to Make the Mounts

To unlock the Synthesis Forge where mounts are created is more involved. First, you’ll need to understand more of the Cyphers of the First Ones and complete Trebalim Understanding. Once done, you’ll unlock the Finding Tahli quest line that begins at the Enlightened’s outpost of Pilgrim’s Grace that guides you into the challenging desert area of the Arrangement Index. Complete all that is asked of you to gain access to the second Synthesis Forge, where you can begin crafting mounts.

Components of Creation

Making any protoform creature requires four components: a Schematic, a Lattice to create the protoform being’s body, a rare item (for mounts), or Glimmer item (for pets) worthy of imbuing that body with a soul, and Genesis Motes to power the forge while in synthesis.

  • Schematics
    • Schematics are scattered throughout the realm, and players will have to keep a keen eye out for the ones lying out in the open; others are more difficult to procure and hidden within treasures or claimed from powerful creatures. You’ll only need one copy of a schematic for crafting pets, no matter how many you want to create.  
  • Lattice
    • Use a Lattice to generate the creature’s body. The type of creature you wish to create determines the kind of Lattice you will need. For example, if you want to make a helicid, you’ll need a Helicid Lattice that drops from helicids. If you’re making a cervid, you’ll need a Cervid Lattice that drops from cervids.
  • Rare or Glimmer Item
    • Mounts
      • The rare item is slightly different for the crafting of mounts and ranges from the Tools of Incomprehensible Experimentation to the Eternal Ragepearl to the Crystallized Echo of the First Song. All rare items are used to craft a variety of creatures.
    • Battle Pets
      • To craft pets, Glimmer-type items are needed to help generate the creature’s soul, and though rare, they are found in a wide variety of locations and easily identified by “Glimmer” specified in the name, like “Glimmer of Motion” or “Glimmer of Vigilance” for example.
  • Genesis Motes
    • Genesis Motes drop from wildlife and elementals across the zone, as well as the invading devourers. Every schematic has its own cost, but the average price to craft a Battle Pet is roughly 300 motes, while the amount needed to synthesize mounts is around 400 motes.

It’s relatively simple to procure any items used to craft the mounts and battle pets, but it will take some time to get everything you’ll need to synthesize them and build up your collection.



Synthesizing your pets and mounts nets you some incredible achievements as well—synthesize your first being to get Synthesized!. Synthesize five different creatures to get Synthe-fived!, which you will also need for the Zereth Mortis meta-achievement. For the completionists out there, Synthe-supersized! is earned after synthesizing 25 different beings, and Synthe-superfived! for synthesizing 50!

There’s a lot to do in Eternity’s End and we can’t wait to see you in the Shadowlands!

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