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So I recently have taken a strong liking to my boomkin alt.  I healed with him earlier in the expac but have not played him since early ToT.  Recently I have tried out boomkin and really really like it.  I main a Lock with 14/14H exp and also play an Ele/Resto Sham (11/14H exp) as my main alt.  I am loving the Boomkin/Resto Druid hybrid and want to make this my second alt and really learn to play this class well as the expansion comes to a close since I'm a little tired of my two other toons as I envision these will be the 3 classes I play in WoD (I know WoD is bringing pretty big changes for Druids but let's forget that for now)


Here is my Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/norgannon/Earthydraft/advanced


I am 541 in mostly flex level gear. I don't have the LMG or Cloak and I have two pretty meh trinkets.  I went for the second haste cap and was still able to maintain about 11k crit.


Here is an IJ Flex Log: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nDPWwJvRdbVtagc4/


So I'm looking for some feedback as to where I'm at, what I need to improve on, etc.  I read a lot of guides on all my classes but I do not know a lot of the intricacies of this Boomkin spec yet like I do on my lock and shaman.  So anything you guys got to show me where I can improve and what needs work, please let me know.  Thanks again.

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Honestly, everything looks pretty solid. If you play like that on every fight, the only thing holding you back is gear, especially those trinkets, lack of meta gem, and lack of cloak. Anything I can say is really, really nitpicking.


While you're still using that trinket, make sure you use it on CD. You only used it 4 times out of a possible 6.


Also, work on using your defensives more -- you used Barkskin once and never used a Healthstone.

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