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Looking for log critique

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Hey man. I'll review your logs today and post back soon™. :)

I may seek your help, in time, for my alt warlock. I love her but she's not the best of locks out there. =)

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Hey man. I'll review your logs today and post back soon™. smile.png

I may seek your help, in time, for my alt warlock. I love her but she's not the best of locks out there. =)


I can do that for ya. lol

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I'm finally getting to your request. Let's see what we have here...




First of all... your armory. 535 equipped item level is right on the border of the line when choosing the spec to play; Arms or Fury. Looking at your Crit %, it's sitting at 33%. I usually recommend warriors to stay arms until 30% so, in this aspect, you're fine. The reason is that Fury is so Crit dependent that, at low levels, you'll struggle with your rotation even if you're executing it properly. I remember when I made the switch to Fury, from Arms, and it was interesting. As I said... my recommendation is 30% and you're above that. I'm not sure the precise % that it becomes "smooth" so it'll have to be up to you to determine if it's worth staying Fury or going Arms until you get some better gear.


Another thing I'm going to point out is that you do not, yet, have any form of inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_11.jpgEvil Eye of Galakras. This, too, will affect your current rotation as you'll have warrior_talent_icon_stormbolt.jpgStorm Bolt casts that are outside of your ability_warrior_colossussmash.jpgColossus Smash window and some that are in... which will naturally affect your Damage Done / DPS. Obviously, you cannot control the RNG Gods of loot distribution... but you should be aware that your numbers will increase by default (providing a correct execution of your rotation) once you do obtain this trinket.


Lastly, in reference to your Armory, it may be more DPS to switch out ability_warrior_bladestorm.jpgBladestorm for ability_warrior_dragonroar.jpgDragon Roar with your current weapons. (SimulationCraft would tell you this for sure.) Bladestorm doesn't really prove to be more damage, consistently, until you're wielding, at least, normal-mode weapons. Now, due to the upgrade system, I may be wrong because your "Flex" weapons are actually above the item level of a normal weapon, anyway. Fully upgraded, you're Flex weapons would be 556 and this is equivalent to a normal weapon. Prior to the 4/4 capabilities, it was commonly recommended to wait until you had a 561 weapon (Normal + 2/2 upgrade) before switching to Bladestorm from Dragon Roar. Bottom line... SimulationCraft will be able to tell you which would prove more DPS, theoretically. With your weapons it'd be a tossup and situation dependent. Hard to choose? Play whichever ability you enjoy the most. smile.png




As far as the logs go....


You provided some interesting boss fights to review. Siegecrafter would be OK with the exception that you were on Belts. This is a lot of downtime with movement. Paragons is unique in it's own right that it has a lot of target switching. I'll do my best with this log but I'd, personally, be able to evaluate a log against Iron Juggernaut or Malkorok better as these bosses are the closest thing to a "tank~n~spank" fight.


With that being said, here's the breakdown of your log against Paragons:



The fight lasted 5:55 (355 seconds). You had a potential capability of using BT 78 times but was only able to use it 53 times. I would say this is probably due to the multiple times you were target switching / waiting on the next Paragon to come down, etc. I compared it to a log of my own and, I, too, had a low BT usage compared to the potential availability I had. I then compared it to the log of the top ranked Fury Warrior on WCL and his usage. His was low compared to the potential availability. As you can probably tell... it's really difficult to gauge what's right and wrong here. The only thing I can do is gauge of percentages and your percentage was higher so... with that being said I'm going to say you're staying on top of this as much as you can given the fight provided.


I'm going to stop the ability usage here. I feel that if I were to go down to each of your abilities I would probably find the same results as Bloodthirst. Perhaps there is a more skilled log evaluator that can do more with these types of fights. With that being said, though, there are some other things I can evaluate and comment on and here's what they are:


spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.jpgEnrage Up Time:

70.77%. Given the amount of times you were able to use Bloodthirst, the fact that you only used spell_nature_ancestralguardian.jpgBerserker Rage once, and your relatively low Crit % as it is.... this up time is exceptionally good, honestly. We all shoot for as close to 100% as possible but, in this fight and given variables, you did well. You did better than my performance this week as I only had 66% up time, personally. smile.png


Rage Gained / Wasted:

You gained 1,212 rage and only wasted 84 of it for an actual gain of 1128. This comes out to a mere 6.9% wasted. Very good. I see warriors, most often times, wasting a lot of rage. You, on the other hand, did not. Keep this up. There's a few quirks and rotation situations that can really help preventing the waste of rage and sometimes... it just can't be helped... but you managed it well.


ability_criticalstrike.jpgRecklessness / warrior_skullbanner.jpgSkull Banner:

You have the luxury of running with 3 Fury Warriors. While Recklessness is a personal CD, Skull Banner is not. Skull Banner also doesn't stack with another warrior's Skull Banner used at the same time. The only thing I can critique here is you all used them on top of each other instead of casting them separately, preferably one after the other to really extend the buff to the raid. Note the graph. It shows the cast of Skull Banner by yourself and the other two warriors:




You'll notice the first SB used by you three were as follows:

  • You: 00:01
  • Avenged: 00:03
  • Rawrza: 0:13

Rawrza, in this situation, did it correctly by waiting the full 10 seconds after the last SB cast to use his. The second time you guys got to use it was a little more spaced out but here's the times:

  • Avenged: 03:18
  • Rawrza: 03:25
  • You: 04:11

This is just a reference you can take back to your raid group and for future references if you have more than one warrior in the group. Just remember not to stack your Skull Banners and communicate them at 10 second intervals.




I hope this helps. I realize it's not a complete review but, as I said, it's hard (for me at least) to review fights where there's a lot of movement and a lot of target switching. Again, there are people out there who are much better at this than I am. Given this, though, I was able to provide some insight to what I seen. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this don't hesitate to ask.

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