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New toon leveling and spec advice

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I just created a new toon on a friends realm. My only concern now that i am lvl 10 (21%) i need to choose my specialization. My only concern is i have heard players say for leveling Afflication is good, but i have always leveled as destruction and had demo as my off spec. I do enjoy destro a lot.


But what is everyone's opinions?


I also know that a lot will say play what you like the most, but i have been out of game awhile and i have forgotten what the damage meter's are for each spec.


Thank you for your time.

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I'm releveling a  lock to learn to keybind appropriately.  I gotta say, Demo at low level is OP.  You can stay in Meta for entire dungeons (aside from Hand of Gul'dan) until you get Doom and you get Doom when you get Burning Embers for Destro. IMO, play all the specs, they are very diverse and really fun.

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