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[Frost] Best in slot list?

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Hey there

This list is completely off the top of my head so some things may vary.

Garrosh helm

Norushen neck

Tier shoulders

Tfp chest

Avool bracers

Tier gloves

Ij belt

Ij legs

Thok ring

klaaxi ring (not 1000% sure in this one)


Toxic totem

Nazgrim sword

Garrosh offhand

I agreed completelly with Frenikk as far as bis was concerned (2-3) months ago, so i invite him to correct me here.

This list assumes all pieces Are HC WF.


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My main problem is that there doesn't seem to BE a best in slot list, and most of the haste gear has hit and I'm worried I'll have too much and be forced to use int/haste or mastery gems. Other items are crit heavy and it's usually hit/mastery instead.

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