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[US-Bladefist][A] Saints of Exodar LFM Raiders H SoO & WoD

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GUILD: Saints of Exodar

SERVER: Bladefist

FACTION: Alliance


TEAMS: Currently TWO 10 man teams (we were a 25 man team and will consider going back if enough raiders are interested). We will be coming back together for WoD.


SCHEDULE: Friday 9 pm - midnight CST & Sunday 7 pm - 10 pm CST
Monday at 8pm CST is optional Garrosh BOA farm


Team Jelly Time 10 man 
1 Hybrid (elemental/resto or boomkin/resto)

We will consider a straight heals as our disc priest does have a shadow set and can dps.

Team Peanut Butter 10 man - running normals a few more weeks then going into heroic
2 Heals 

If your class and spec aren't listed here please feel free to contact us as we are always looking for dedicated and exceptional raiders. We will give you a shot if you meet our requirements.

If we find you aren't pulling your weight, are always late, have bad attendance or a negative attitude we will bench you.

• 560 iLvL Minimum with legendary back or very close to obtaining it (runestones part)
• Proper Gems & Enchants
• Class knowledge
• Ability to research & learn fights quickly & take constructive criticism 
• Patience & Loyalty
• Reliable

ABOUT US: We are a social, semi-hardcore raiding guild that has consistently raided current content. We try very hard to maintain a drama free, social atmosphere in our guild while still progressing through content. Each tier we are getting stronger and holding our own while only raiding 6 hours a week. We plan on hitting WoD hard with a strong team of raiders.

• Guild Website and Facebook Page - http://saintsofexodarguild.guildlaunch.com and https://www.facebook.com/saintsofexodar
• Guild rules are posted on the website
• Medium to large size guild
• Drama free -any drama is handled quickly and firmly
• Consistent raiding weekly

You don't have to be a raider to join us, we welcome casuals as well. We do run flexes and alt runs too.

For more information about joining Saints of Exodar or to ask questions please feel free to leave a post on here or add my Recruitment Officer: Bacon#1364 or GM: Fancia#1926

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