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PRIESTS! The Dream is Real!!! 2xYsera draws from Thought Steal in one game!

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So just finished up a game priest vs priest, was very close. I used thought steal at 3 mana, and got a Ysera draw (YAY!!!). I played it first, he used a faceless to copy. He returned mine to my hand, and his was killed. I then played it again, it was killed. used thought steal, got another Ysera!!! WUT?!

So yeah it seems insanely imbalanced when it happens as i destroyed him after xD



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its fun that it can end up being really powerful, but when you thoughsteal a totem health buff or moonfire youre not gonna have that great a time. it's not like youre gonna thoughtsteal your way to a win every time at high rank, so i think it just adds fun.

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