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Character and Rift progression: Suggestion to Blizzard

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Ok, before we get to "I want the best stuff just given to me now", no this is not that.

I have a demon hunter and a monk that can run t16 and GR 85 (where I am now) just fine.

But I for the last week I have been trying to get an ancient manticore (yes i know im kinda being obtuse but i am now at the point of ancient or nothing) and it is not dropping / upgrading / re-rolling.

And on top of that I am just continually running GR 85 (to guarantee 100% gem upgrade success since I am upgrading ALL of my gems at the same time) and now realize that I will not make it anywaere close to GR150 at this rate...

But all of this got me to thinking that I should not even be doing any of this... Is not the whole point of the season to see who can run 150's the fastest? Is that not the whole point of the leaderboards?

But that got me to thinking about why I am not pushing...

My thoughts we that:

1. Greater rifts could provide more upgrade attempts. Seeing as you are already limited to how far you CAN upgrade gems from what level greater rift you are running why not provide more attempts per rift run? The whole point is to augment your gear which would in essence reset the gem back down to lvl 1 anyways...

Yes I want to augment my gear but I do not want to do that until I cannot upgrade my gems any further. This who situation is just  keeping me from pushing at all.

2. Optimal gear should not be a one in a million to get. I have 3k legendary mats that I cant use to reroll a regular manticore to try to get an ancient one, bcause that also requires bounty mats... And that just isnt woth the couple hours that it would take to do a full round of bounties for just what 3 rerolls?

I dont mind doing the bounties early when I am still learning powers to stack on my body and I have all the basic ledgendaries to learn still. But after you have learned them all, the game now becomes all about better gear. Now you should be done with t16 and bounties all together. To get the best gear it is more preferable to be running rifts. You will be out of bounty mats and I dont think you should need them for re-rolling legendaries. That would be my first way to fix this: eliminate the bounty mat requirements for re-rolling legendaries.

3. Although I would prefer it even more if I could save up more mats to be able to garantee an ancient. I have less ideas about how this would work.

Maybe a higher requirement of deaths breaths and legendary mats to upgrade a basic legendary to an ancient in kanais cube.

The other idea I think would be a harder sell but something worth thinking about I think

4. The ability to craft at the smith any legendary you learn/salvage with the rolls that you want (at minimal values).

I am thinking this in conjuntion with the ability to increase said rolls at the enchantress with mats/gold/deaths breaths.

Maybe when you reach a certain threshold you would have to spend something else or just even more of the same mats to "advance" the legendary(s) to ancient before you can raise your rolls higher, eventually being able to max out the values and "making" your own primals.

5. Raise the rate at which ancients/primals drop depending on the rift level.

I am assuming that after you have beaten t16 and have all the legendary powers there is no more need for basic legendaries to drop except for mats to try at rerolls... And as I said before I dont think there is any place for running bounties anymore. I mean even granting that you get ancients, and even heaven forbid primals, you can still get just bad rolls.

All of this to get rid of just speed running and fishing for the gear that you need inorder to push.

I dont believe speed running easier rifts than you are capable of, fishing for the right maps with the right enemies, or reloading the game over and over again should be encouraged.

6. Owing to the reloading the game over and over again: I see this when watching players trying to get just the right setup map/enemies.

Can we not keep leaderboards with map/enemy sets sortable... what good is "the best time"  if you can only do it on one map with a specific enemy set? Why not have best times that are with different maps/enemies?

On my side note of me reloading the game over and over again: Curses!

If that is to be so integral to beating a season, why can we not just select that bounty to do? I spent a whole day (5 hours) loading and reloading the game to try to find the cursed peat and only having it appear 3 maybe 4 times... Before I gave up and asked to be carried...

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