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Elemental dps problem

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Hello everyone,


Recently I'ved started playing elemental shaman. After reading the icy-veins guide on ele sham. I'Ved practiced on dummys to learn my rotation. I was doing about 90-120k of dps and than came raids^^. Was doing about 48k dps on boss. And i think its a bit low for my ilvl. That's why I'm writting here today for help.



Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/les-sentinelles/W%C3%BDrm/advanced


Log: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/JC8WRfj79hdY42yL/



Have a great day!



(Sorry for bad english)

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Hey Wyrm!  Welcome to Icy-Veins!


Lets dive right into it, shall we?




I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you this, but get your professions maxed!  Their contribution is not small by any means.


While a lot of people will suggest one singular build (either Haste or Mastery), I'll typically suggest that you get to 30% Haste, and then start to stack Mastery.  This is to give you a good feel for a fast playstyle, along with reaching the Haste cap for Bloodlust / Legendary Meta Gem together.


Check out this AskMrRobot, with custom weights built to your character:






For your gear level, Elemental Blast would be the better L90 talent option.  It offers a much larger damage increase at your current item level, and Unleashed Fury isn't very good until you have significantly better gear under your belt.  (Including the legendary meta gem, some Siege of Orgrimmar trinkets, and preferably a Heroic-mode weapon.)  Once you switch to Elemental Blast, you should completely ignore Unleash Elements.


Make sure that you're aiming for 100% uptime on your Flame Shock.  90% on a 9 minute fight means that it was missing from the boss for almost a minute!  Remember that you can recast Flame Shock in the last 2-3 seconds of your current Flame Shock without any loss of damage.  Tighten that up, for sure.


I see Searing Totem in your damage layout.  Typically, I'll suggest that people don't bother using Searing Totem while they're trying to learn their rotation.  Using it is a ~1% damage gain, and you'd see a better gain doing your rotation 5% better, than you would dropping it perfectly.  Once you get more confident in your play, you can definitely weave it back in, though.  Once you do, remember to only refresh it once the old one has 10 or less seconds left on it, (I prefer 5 seconds or less), and only to refresh it if that cast will replace a Lightning Bolt in your rotation.  That means that if you can Lava Burst/Elemental Blast/Fulmination, or if Flame Shock needs refreshing, do not use it.


The same goes for the Earth Elemental Totem, except that the gain is even smaller in long fights.  If you're going to use it, only use it if that cast will replace a Lightning Bolt in your rotation.


You should be using Ascendance a little bit more aggressively.  In that fight, you would've been able to get 3 casts off, holding the 3rd time for the Bloodlust.  If the fight is going to last only 5 or less minutes, you can use it on the pull, and once again, picking the best time for that.  But if the fight is going to last ~7 or more minutes, you can use it on the pull, once more right when it comes up, then hold the next one, picking the best time for that.


Try reacting to your Lava Surge procs a little bit faster.  By all means, finish your cast before using Lava Burst, but make sure it's the next use.  Check out this little chart to analyse your casts:




The yellow sections are during Ascendance, the green/blue sections are while you have Lava Surge (the free/instant Lava Burst) available, and the pink lines are when you actually cast Lava Bursts.  I see at least two Lava Surge procs that expire, so make sure you're hitting those when you can!


Your Fulmination was fairly good.  Check out this chart for your gains and spending of Lightning Shield stacks.




You could've used it a little more aggressively, and I can't really explain the long gaps between gains, but it's not that bad.  Make sure you follow your ABCs, that is Always Be Casting.  Filling in more time with Lightning Bolts instead of waiting those 1-2 seconds for different cooldowns.


Overall, your damage isn't bad for your item level, but it's not spectacular either.  Switching to Elemental Blast and casting it close to it's cooldown, along with dropping Unleash Elements and better cooldown usage would see a pretty significant gain to your damage.  Just remember your rotation, and remember to always be casting.


For reminders sake, this is your rotation while specced into EB:


Maintain Flame Shock > Lava Burst > Elemental Blast > Fulmination at 6-7 stacks > Lightning Bolt

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Couldve atleast say thank you to hybrys mate.. seems like he spent alot of time on you and a month later youre like yea kai now check this for me.

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