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Help Warlock warlock harder! w/ logs! Woot!

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immolate uptime is really awful


Look at this graph


Your cast times are not matching your procs at all. You want to get those casts of CB off during your procs, you practically avoided them. On that note, not sure how you hit a 3.4 million CB, and I don't see it in the log.


You went  2 minutes without CoE, that's 5% spell damage not applied.


5 SBs seems really low considering there's tons of little adds to hit as well as the large add, and all can be cleaved back to the boss for just more damage 


You could have used havoc 17 times during this fight length, you only used it 5 times. Cleave more!


You were only active 87% of the fight. That means you've done a lot of standing around which is understandable for you first time on the fight, but still pretty low.


Also get more rifts!

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thanx locky the cb hit during wipe 8 at start of fight.will work more on timeing things better.the bboy is still new for me and I am putting to much focus on trying to hit it at the 10 second mark.wasnt standing at all you stand ya die lol but will work on more cleaving as well.

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He means you spent over 10% of the fight doing nothing.

Could be that you got unlucky with prisons and banishments, but should still be higher than 90% anyway

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